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If you found your way to the Utah Travel Guide page, you must love the outdoors.  Utah is simply outdoor lovers paradise with its snow peaked mountains, winding trails and gorgeous lakes.  Hike, bike, ski, climb and paddle, you can do it all in Utah.  To the northeast, you have the Uintas, one of Utah's best kept secrets.  A mountain range about 45 minutes outside the city with pristine alpine lakes, dog friendly trails, great backpacking and fishing, and zero cell phone service.  To the south you have amazing desert towns like Moab, the climbing and mountain biking mecca.  And then we have the seven canyons where all the skiing happens.  

 If the city is more your calling, then Salt Lake City is for you.  Amazing food, gorgeous gardens, great stores and of course, Temple Square.  I lived smack downtown in the city and whats amazing about Utah is you can have them both.  An awesome hike in the mountains (as quick as 10 minutes away) followed by a beer and nachos in the city is about as good as it gets.  When people ask about Salt Lake I usually tell them its what Denver thinks it is, an awesome city close to the mountain.  Denver I loved you but those mountains are far.  And we can't wrap this up without mentioning Park City.  Park City is almost always at a perfect 80 degrees in the summer, is famous for its snowy winters and ski bums, and has that east coast culture you may be missing.  Now you have gotten a quick taste of Utah, click around to discover Utah eats, hikes, biking, skiing and events.  

Read some of the articles I have written on this beautiful crazy weird state.  

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Inversion- What you didn't know about Utah's Air- Talking about Utah's dirty secret, air quality
One Year Utahversary- My thoughts on Utah after living here for one year 
Pros and Cons of Salt Lake City- Some of the good the bad and the ugly about living in Salt Lake City
Best Snow On Earth- Why exactly Utah is known for its "Best Snow On Earth"
So Long Utah- A farewell letter to Utah after two years in the state

Zoom into Utah and click around the pins to see posts on various hikes, parks, and restaurants. 

So you are all about the food, I get it.  Here is a list of what to eat where.  I have eaten at all of these restaurants and this is where I send anyone who asks.  
  • The Mole Sauces and Carnitas at the Red Iguana.  Who are we kidding, anything at Red Iguana 
  • The Burger at From Scratch (casual, everything made "from scratch") . 
  • The Beef Stroganoff from Copper Onion, Sauteed Mushroom App, ANYTHING at Copper Onion new age American
  • Moles at Red Iguana is always amazing (great Mexican- big portions, get the mole sampler to try them all) but prepare for the long wait (no reservations).
  • Sushi from Takashi and Naked Fish- expensive but great quality Sushi. 
  • Ramen and Tokyo Wings from Tosh's Ramen- amazing ramen, low price, authentic stuff. 
  • For the ultimate Japanese dining experience, the Omakase at Naked Fish
  • Street Cart Doner & Street Cart Fries from SPITZ- casual amazing food great vibe and drinks- my favorite sandwiches in the state. 
  • Pizza and Pasta from Stoneground Kitchen - great prices, casual good carbs! 
  • Turkey Burger and the Saison from Red Rock Brewery (better beer and food than Squatters, the other brewery). 
  • Breakfast at Pig and a Jelly Jar - they even have Chicken and Waffles specials on Thursdays. 
  • Tapas at Meditrina- The grilled octopus was so good and they have specials on Tuesday Nights!
  • Chinese food from Chef Gao - not your average Americanized Chinese, HUGE portions, LOW prices, and authentic Chinese. 
  • Cheap simple breakfast overlooking Liberty Park:  Park Cafe
  • Unique Eats:  Sushi Burrito- sushi rolls burrito sized!
  • Beers at Beer Hive- great selection of bottled beers and great atmosphere  
  • Coffee and snacks at Rose Establishment- Coffee on Nitro Tap anyone?
Other Restaurant Reviews

Below is a list of all the hikes shared on Katie Wanders.  First, we start with some general hikes before breaking down into other categories like waterfalls, lakes and summits. One of my favorite things to do in Utah is hike it's gorgeous landscape.  From high altitude lakes to mountain summits, Utah has some of the best hikes in the world. 
GUIDE:  DF = Dog Friendly

City Views

Dry Gulch (DF)

If hiking isn't your thing, don't worry, there is so much to do in this state.  Below you will find a list of attractions and events and a further breakdown of events by season. 
A Visitor's Guide to Salt Lake City

Park City (DF)





Moab is one of the best things about Utah, so it's getting its own column.  The outdoor lovers paradise, there is something here for everyone.  Known for its mountain biking and National Parks, and "Jeep Week", Moab is a popular place all year round.  Don't be fooled by the skeptics, there is a ton of dog friendly hikes in the area as well (just stay out of the National Parks).  Poke around to learn more about Moab. 

Navajo Rocks  (MB & DF)
Utah is home to five national parks known as the Mighty Five.  If you want to see all five, start with  A Guide to Utah's Mighty Five.  There are also other great National Historic Sites and landmarks that are included below. 

Monument Valley (Tribal Land)

Utah is home to 14 resorts, 11 of which are within an hour of the Salt Lake City Airport,  From skiiers only to snowboarding favorites, small local mountains and the countries largest resort, Utah has it all. Here is a list of the Utah resorts with links to mountains I have reviewed 

KW skied:
Deer Valley Ski Resort (skiers only)
Alta Ski Resort (skiers only)
Park City (former Park City and Canyons)
Haven't skied:
Wolf Mountain
Brian Head
Beaver Mountain
Powder Mountain
Eagle Point Resort
Cherry Peak Ski Resort 

These are a list of some of the trips I took as "long weekends" away from Utah.
Nora's Fish Creek Inn

  • Attend Mormon tabernacle choir  
  • Ride in the Bison Round Up 
  • Lavendar farm in Mona 
  • Twilight concert series
  • Drive the Alpine Loop
  • See a Ballet West Performance
  • Visit the Kennecot Copper Mine
  • Watch the 4th of July Fireworks- best spots Sugar house Park or Ensign Peak
  • Float the Provo River
  • Go to Christkindlmarkt
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Salt Lake City downtown Library
  • Heber Valley Railroad
  • Eat at Hectors
  • National History Museum of Utah
  • Memory Grove Park
  • Liberty Park
  • Snowbird in the Winter 
  • Visit Temple Square
  • Wasatch National Forest 
  • Hogle Zoo
  • Dive the Homestead Crater in Midway

  • Scott Matheson Nature Preserve, 
  • Colorado river (float trips and white water rafting),
  • Manti-Lasal mountains 
  • Dinosaur National Monument
  • Glen Canyon Dam (and Glen Canyon Recreation Area)
  • Wasatch Mountain State Park
  • Lake Powell
  • Rainbow Bridge 
  • Delicate Arch (3 mile hike)
  • The Wave- Coyote Buttes Area 
  • Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon a part of Canyonlands Natl Park. 
  • Grand gulch
  • Nine Mike Canyon

Week + Out of state road trips 
  • SLC to Yellowstone & Tetons  (summer) (~5.5) 

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