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Friday, October 2, 2015

PROs and CONs of Salt Lake City

Thursday on the train I was started talking a new couple in the area.  They were in the city with their kid, curious about life in Salt Lake City, Utah.  My rattling off to them got me thinking as I rattle of some advice, listing the pros, and cons of Salt Lake City.  And as we talked it over and I spewed off my list, I decided that it would be a great idea to write them down, share them with you all, and get your feedback.  If you are thinking about moving to Salt Lake City, this is what I tell people.

If you are already land locked, love the mountains and being outside, and being coastal is not important to you, Utah is AWESOME.  Great city in the mountains, its an outdoor lovers dream.  However, if you are on the coast moving inland, it may be a little harder.  The ocean is no where near and the reservoirs can't even compare.  

Every city has its perks, and has its downfalls.  And I tried to summarize them as best as I could below.  PROS and CONS of Salt Lake City 


  • Friendly people
  • So close to mountains (What Colorado thinks they are ;)
  • Outdoor paradise, great hiking, skiing, mountain biking 
  • A lot of parks
  • Local breweries 
  • Great skiing (cheaper than Colorado)
  • Food scene is growing
  • Good Mexican food 
  • Great farmers markets/local food
  • A lot of fairs, events, etc down in the city
  • Art/craft and culture scene 
  • Hub for concerts and shows
  • A lot of FREE events (especially at Gallivan)
  • Airport is such a quick ride! 15 minutes on the train
  • Small but newer airport with a lot of cheap flights 
  • Only 1 hour flight from Vegas
  • Proximity to a lot of great areas, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, California, Colorado 
  • Has 5 National Parks and amazing monuments, forests, etc. (Uintas)
  • No rain- sunny days 

  • Public transportation is expensive, has odd times, only every 15 minutes, and limited travel
  • Inversion and air quality
  • Confusing highway system/ road signs 
  • Lack of downtown housing
  • The MANY Drinking laws 
  • Land of Chain Restaurants outside of the city
  • Worst . Drivers . Ever
  • Traffic 
  • EVERYTHING closed Sunday 
  • Land locked
  • Reservoirs are often disappointing and VERY crowded
  • Brutal summers and lack of shade everywhere
  • Dominating Religious/Republican views 

Any you can add?
I guess the good thing about my lists is so far, there are more PROs than CONs but it all depends on which are most important to you. What are some of the pros/cons to your city?


  1. SLC always looks so gorgeous in the photos I've seen! I was only there once, and I could definitely feel that it was a very religious place. It was interesting to learn about the history and beliefs, but as I don't identify as Mormon, I don't think it would be the best fit for me to live long term.

    Some pros of my city is how it's close ish to SF, and there are lots of oppurtunities to be engaged in the arts. A con would be the poor public transportation and lack of malls nearby.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Thankfully the religious influence isn't as bad as many people think. But different certainly! I do not identity with any religion so it rubs me the wrong way at times :)

      I visited SF in July and fell in love with CA!

  2. That's ok it rubs me the wrong way at time too and I am Mormon:). Katie, I think your pro/con list nailed it. I am born and raised here, and I still crave a beach and ocean. I actually love the hot summers and detest the freezing winters though I am a die hard skier. Thanks for the post! Jason

    1. Hi Jason! Thanks for sharing! its really funny, the first thing you hear when I told people I was moving to Utah was THOSE MORMONS and YOU ARE GOING TO BE A SISTER WIVE. I always respond with --- religion isnt a bad thing, I live among a lot of really kind giving people. It is just when any religion goes to an extreme, or mixes with politics that I get a little annoyed :)

      Cheers to a snowy ski season ;)


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