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Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Hike: Avenue Twin Peaks - Salt Lake City, Utah

Weekend plans can always change quickly around here.  

A planned trip to Moab was postponed due to a horse show over the weekend.  But the beauty of Salt Lake City is that there are so many "last minute" no plan needed hikes you can do close to downtown.  Today on the blog, I am sharing another great spring hiking option in beautiful SLC, and my last minute planned hike. Spring comes early here in Utah and when the temperature climbs and the sun stays out longer, I am itching to hit the trails.  Spring hikes around the city are sometimes my favorite because for a very short time, the mountains are oh so green. 

Hiking the Avenue Twin Peaks
Hiking to the Avenue Twin Peaks is a great low elevation hike, making it a perfect option in the spring when a lot of the other peaks are packed in with snow or mud.  This is a pretty (and exposed) hike with some mileage and elevation to make it a great workout. The peak is certainly not the tallest in the area, at only 6291 ft (1917 m). However, its proximity to downtown and steep climbs make this an easy access sweat on a weekday evening or weekend morning. If you are hiking it on a sunny day, make sure to bring lots of sunscreen and plenty of water as the trail is entirely exposed to the elements.  

Just to clarify, there are actually three sets of twin peaks: The American Fork Twin Peaks, the Broads Fork Twin Peaks, and today's post, the Avenue Twin Peaks. The Avenue Twin Peaks are the easiest to hike to of all three. To access these peaks, there are several different trailheads, and many different trails that get to the Twin Peaks. The peaks are prominent and in view along the hike so you can kind of take the route to your desire (steeper, shorter, less steep, longer).

Trail to Avenue Twin Peaks
Trail leading to the Avenue Twin Peaks
I wanted to do a longer hike so I started over at I street/Hilltop Road 
making this a 7.5 mile RT hike.  But depending where you start and what trail you take you can make this is a steep and short hike as well.

Access 1: I Street/ Hilltop Road 7.5 miles, 1,100' 

Access 2: Terrace Hill Drive (900 East): 1-4 miles 1,100'

Access 3: Perry's Hollow Drive (Bobsled trail): 4 miles, 1,147'

Bonneville Shoreline trail
Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Hilltop Rd off I Street
Trail:  Park at Hilltop Rd off I Street in SLC (do not leave any valuables in view in your car as I have had my window broken an wallet stollen here). Continue on the BST, down the straight shot from Hilltop Avenue trailhead.  First right to start heading up along the BST, and then, the quicker more direct right up this hilltop.  Once you finish the initial climb, follow the ribbon trail to the intersection where the circular tank is.  Take the left, heading up again, where the trail will flatten out and you will see the twin peaks. At the four way intersection, head straight again and follow the trail climbing and descending a few small peaks before reaching the Avenue Twin Peaks. 

Bonneville Shoreline Trail at HIlltop Rd
Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Hilltop Rd off I Street 
Bonneville Shoreline Trail at Hilltop Rd
Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Hilltop Rd off I Street 
Bonneville Shoreline Trail at Hilltop Rd
Following the BST to Avenue Twin Peaks 
The ribbon of the BST
The ribbon along the BST on the way to Avenue Twin Peaks
Avenue Twin Peaks Salt Lake City Utah
First sight of Avenue Twin Peaks
Hiking to Avenue Twin Peaks Salt Lake City Utah
Following the trail 
Avenue Twin Peaks Salt Lake City Utah
Stopping for a break along the way 
View from Avenue Twin Peaks Salt Lake City Utah
View from Avenue Twin Peaks
Relaxing on the peak 
Avenue Twin Peaks Salt Lake City Utah
Bonneville Shoreline Trail 
One of Avenue Twin Peaks Salt Lake City Utah
Leaving one of the peaks and heading towards the other peak back down the trail
View of the Avenue Twin Peaks in the distance 
Mountain biker on the BST
Mountain biker coming down the trail 
Olive hiking
Olive posing on the way  back down the trail 


  1. That's one of my favorite hikes. I always start from Terrace Hills, then head to the peaks. I do like hiking around where you started, and sometimes go up there after work for a quick dog walk. If you continue past Twin Peaks up to the peak to the East, that is Little Black Mountain and a good way to extend the hike to 7 miles RT from Terrace Hills Rd. - Alicia @

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely have to do Little Black Mountain sometime- I love the trails back there its such a beautiful hike close to home! I will have to try it from the Terrace Hills trail.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Hope to do that hike one day!

    1. Thank you Marlies! Its a gorgeous spot an so close to the city!


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