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Friday, February 28, 2014

Thursday Olympic Park and Park City, Utah

Thursday I was on my own again.  Well, sort of.  Thatcher was working from home.  And he actually works from home.  He even shuts himself off in a room and closes the door.  RUDE.  Well instead of annoying him I went on a city walking expedition.  

I set out for Lululemon about 1.5 miles away to use up a gift card.   I turned on my garmin, put in my ear buds and headed for the land of overpriced workout gear.  

I passed beautiful buildings, cute shops, and even a big fancy library with the cutest bike rack ;)

I found a dunkin donuts--- something I thought to be rare in these parts, and walked through Trolley Square... another cute mall/shopping center. 

While I shop online sometimes at Lululemon (aka go right to the clearance section or send thatcher a link of something I want), this was my first time in a store.  
My first reaction?  This place is BULLSHIT!   

I am sorry if you are one of these people, but how can I justify spending $60  dollars on a TANK TOP!  Or  $80 on a pair of skimpy shorts!!!! I love my running jacket and it wasn't cheap but that's a  jacket!  With lots of fabric, and zippers, and vents, and reflective stripes, its a technical piece of clothing.  But a tank top!?!?!  The longer I looked around the angrier I got.   I headed over to the clearance rack and saw this super cute wrap sweater.  It was still $100 marked down from $138  but I could justify the hundred much better an this lovely soft long sleeve long waisted sweater.  The same price as a pair of running tights.  

After my shopping "experience"  I headed to Whole Foods to satisfy my sweet tooth.  It was my birthday week damnit and I hadn't had any cake!   Then I saw these beauties for 2.99.  Cupcakes on sale?  How could I say no?

I stopped, grabbed a seat, and enjoyed a cupcake before my walk back.  And yes I carried the cupcakes all the way back to Thatcher's apartment with me.  dedication. 

After my 5.5 miles walk, lunch, shopping, and relaxing, I headed to the University of Utah for an interview to be considered for the Professional Master of Science and Technology Environmental Science track.   The interview went really well and I loved the school :)

Thatcher and I headed to the Olympic Park and Park City for dinner.  
We watched some bobsledders and skeleton racers, walked around the museum, and watched the skiiers before heading into Park City for dinner.

We decided on High West Distillery and Saloon after hearing about their famous burger.   It is an upscale whisky distllery with a lot of people and a long wait.  We waiting about an hour and a half for a table.  We finally sat down and ordered a few drinks.  Warm whisky lemonade for me, and a bison/beef burger.  

The drink was delicious - I was a little wierded out by the idea of warm lemonade but glad i stuck with my gut.  It was tasty.   But the burger did not blow me away, especially with an $18 price tag.  It wasn't bad.. but it was just okay for me.  

The service was also slow and it took forever for our food to come out (after a 1.5 hour wait).  While the vibe was fun and the building was cool, I can't recommend this place for his high price tag and "just ok" food with long wait times and not so great service.

Another fun filled day of vacation.  Early to bed to be up for our first ski day in Brighton Friday morning. 

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