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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Rose Establishment, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Rose Establishment
The Rose Establishment is really a darling place.  That is the best word I can find to describe it, darling.   It is in a beautiful brick building right next door to Pallet, downtown Salt Lake City (an amazing restaurant high on my list of MUST GO TO's).  

The Rose Establishment

1918 meat packing plant to adorable coffee shop.  It works.  

We often pass this quaint coffee shop on our way to the Farmer's Market or coming back from the mall there.  While it is sort of on the edge of downtown, the edge closest to the homeless shelter and some interesting areas, it is well worth the walk on the "wild side".   


They have a great website which makes me happy.  Love it when companies welcome the 21st century and hop on the social media and online bandwagon (restaurants that don't have your menu online... get your shit together).   There are several veryyy cool things about this place.  First off, the space.  It is trendy, and quaint, and just about everything you want in a downtown local coffee shop.  I really love the art, all the light, and the paper cranes in the skylight window. 

 Their pastries, and basically all of their food looks absolutely divine and some of it is placed in the glass casing to make you drool while you order your coffee.  We usually cave and order a scone.  But the best part?

Coffee.  On.  Nitro.  

Creamy cold coffee on Nitro tap is my favorite.  It sounds bizarre but I promise you it is oh so good.  And how fun is it to try something as different as coffee on tap? If you are in Salt Lake City, avoid the 35 Starbucks and GO LOCAL.  Amazing pastries, yummy food, and high end coffee in a picturesque setting.  Make your way over to The Rose Establishment. 
 You will be glad I sent you .  


  1. yay one of my favorite SLC spots!!


  2. It is so wonderful Emi! So glad I found it :)


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