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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vegas Getaway

So remember when I said I was going to unplug for a week 
and then vanished off the face of the earth for two weeks?
(well not completely vanished, I love me some IG)

Sorry about that!  
You know how it goes when you get back from vacation... 
you spend a few days playing catch up and getting everything finished 
and organized for the next week of school, work, groceries, cleaning etc. 

Well I am back with a little recap of my week away.  I vowed to unplug for the week but snuck in a few pictures to have SOMETHING to share with you all when I got back.  I realllly enjoyed having a week away from school work (kinda) work (kinda) and spending a lot less time with electronic devices.  I am always carrying around my camera, my go pro, or whipping out my iphone to get some pictures for the blog but it was nice putting it all away for the week.  

So my week away, where did I go?  I found a super cheap flight to Vegas right from Salt Lake City ($150).  An hour flight and I was there.  On the way back I gave up my seat on an overbooked plane to get a $400 voucher for another trip. 
 Worth it! 

Vegas was a great place to unwind for a week- as odd as that may sound.  Walk around, sit by the pool, eat some good food and just relax.  I am not much of a "night life person" and to be honest, I was in bed by 8 a few nights (no regrets).  I did have a blast playing dress up, going out to wonderful dinners, seeing all the different casinos, and doing some great people watching in general.   I even took a trip to Red Rock Canyon to escape the bright lights and get some hiking in. 

While I work on a few posts for the week (getting back into a workout routine, maybe signing up for a few races, staying "virtually committed" with friends),  
Here are a few pictures from my trip to hold you over.


Another item checked off the bucket list.  
Thanks for the fun Vegas :) 

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  1. What a fun trip! I went to Vegas last year and had a blast. You look gorgeous, love your dress!!


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