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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa

Disclaimer 1:  Warm weather, palm trees and frozen drinks are in this post.
New Englanders- Close the screen now if you can't handle this much sunshine so soon. 

Okay I am still talking about my trip last weekend.  I just have so much to say about my awesome weekend getaways., and this was one pretty fantastic.  After spending a day at Zion and a night camping right in the national park, we headed to Vegas. 
 Lake Las Vegas that is.  

What is the best way to wrap up a beautiful day in night in Zion National Park? 

 Well, do the compete opposite.

 In this case, it was drink Pina Coladas on a man made lake surrounded by palm trees and golf courses.  And then spend the evening on The Strip, eating fabulous food and wandering through casinos before collapsing back in a fluffy king size bed.   

It's a hard life folks, but someone has to live it.  


Several things made this trip affordable.  First, camping a night in Zion eliminated a need for a hotel that night.  Second, driving saved a ton of money as we did not need to purchase flights.  And lastly, I went to my trusty travel agent, Groupon.  

Of course, any hotel on the strip is going to run you $200+ a night.  I didn't need to be on the strip, I just saw that the weather was going to be 85 degrees and I needed to be by a pool, with a palm tree and froofy drink.  And Groupon was hosting some pretty sweet deals. 

When I saw this deal for The Westin Golf and Spa Resort on Lake Las Vegas, I jumped at the deal.  (Did I mention I purchased this while sitting on a chair lift at Brighton skiing?). 

I know, I am turning into a (gasp) west coaster (just a little). 

Of course, there were a few hidden fees, including a $29 resort usage fee and taxes and other fees, but it came in around $100 when it was all said and done, and I can live with that.  

You can buy beer right in the hotel and bring it down to the pool, for a fraction of the cost!
And food! We brought our own lunch/snacks. 

The hotel was nice, and had a stunning view of the lake, the golf courses, and the complexes surrounding Lake Las Vegas.  It was so nice to see green grass and palm trees. 

Westin Resort Map 

As a guest, you can use the kayaks for free (very limited number) or pay to rent a paddle board right there at the resort. I was more into sunning and frozen drinks so I passed on the water sports and ordered another drink at the pool. 

Westin at Lake Las Vegas-  Paddleboard for rent 

The Westin at Lake Las Vegas- Golf Course 

Second Pool, Lake Las Vegas, The Westin 

There are two large pools, one heated to 85 degrees, and one left colder (but with an awesome water slide).  It did seem to be a large family resort and I have to say one of the pools were shut down due to an accident in the pool (this was one of those trips where I was thankful I did not have children yet).  

Water Slide, The Westin at Lake Las Vegas

Water Slide, The Westin at Lake Las Vegas

Another great aspect was the Strip Shuttle.  The strip is about 35-40 minutes away so this is a great free feature for guests.  I will warn you, that you have to book this WAY in advance.  The shuttle fills quick and I could not get a spot on the Saturday shuttle (even when I called that morning).  

If you want to head to Vegas for some sunshine and pool time, for a great price with access to the strip when you want it, this is an excellent choice.

The Westin at Lake Las Vegas

The lady working the front desk was really nice and accomodating.  She let me check in two hours early without any additional fees (maybe she smelled the desperate I need a shower I have been camping funk on me- TMI?).  The rooms were spacious and clean, and the resort was everything I was looking for.  You can even buy alcohol right at the gift shop and bring your own food and booze down to the pool deck.  

This was the perfect taste of sunshine I was looking for. 
Vegas, I will be back! 

 Disclaimer 2:  The Westin did not pay me for this post, or compensate me in any way.  In fact, I paid them (one day blog, one day).  All opinions are my own. 


  1. I had to wait until I was in sunny Florida to read this. But that place looks gorgeous and relaxing. Good find!

  2. this looks so great!! you planned it perfectly, and love the groupon that made it affordable!
    you make utah and all the fun areas around look GOOOOD! :)


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