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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Layering 101 (Kid Edition)

If you read my earlier post about tips for getting kids (or anyone really) outside comfortable, you are probably sick of me shouting LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS across your screen. I know I'm being obnoxious about it but a layering system is essential to staying dry and comfortable outside, especially with the ever-changing weather here in New England. 

This topic felt so important and detailed that it deserved its own post (welcome!). When I plan to spend time in the outdoors with my family, I want to be prepared. I wanted to research the importance of each layer, different materials, different brands, and clothing items that fit the bill. This blog is a way to share all of that research with you, doing all the hard work so you don't have to. I learned a lot in this deep dive and today we are talking about merino wool, synthetic layers, the best water repellant shells, and more. These brands are tried and true and range from big names like Patagonia, companies from Nordic countries who know a thing or two about weather, and small family-run businesses here in the U.S. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Winding Trails - XC Ski and Outdoor Activity Center in Farmington, CT

I love downhill skiing but it wasn't something I grew up doing. It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I put on my first pair of skis. I never touched the bunny slope but instead, a boyfriend convinced me to take the lift up and ski down the green trail where I nearly close lined myself skiing off the trail. Despite my disastrous start, something clicked. From there it was winter weekends in Vermont, two years in Salt Lake City, and then a few random ski trips to Wyoming, Colorado and Canada. I've skied some wonderful terrain and season passes like Epic and Ikon certainly make the sport a bit more affordable for someone who wants to spend their winters on skis. 

While season passes help, it's still an expensive hobby when you factor in lunch at the lodge, childcare, dog sitting, and likely lodging. Let's also consider just how busy and overcrowded some of our resorts are which leads to long lift lines and safety concerns. I love downhill skiing but I am also open to a more family and fido inclusive affordable way to enjoy the winter with a bit more solitude. 

Cue Cross Country Skiing. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Cybex Libelle - Travel Stroller Review

If you told me three years ago I would own four different strollers/trailers, I would have laughed at you. It sounds ridiculous, right? Okay, hear me out. If you are active and on the go, you need at least a few different strollers for different reasons. Our UppaBaby Vista v2 is the perfect everyday stroller. It's clunky but there are so many features that make it the perfect everyday stroller (huge storage basket, adaptable for two seats, large sun canopy, great infant bassinet and adjustable toddler seat). For running, I needed a true jogging stroller, something with a single lockable front wheel, and something that is smoother and off-roads a bit better. We also have a bike trailer that converts to a two kiddo running stroller and ski sled and I take this out on a run sometimes when I want a covered shelter for him.