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Monday, February 9, 2015

National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, Wyoming

What a great weekend in Wyoming and can't wait to share my trip with you all. On Saturday, warm temperatures, rain, and high wind made the conditions less than ideal for skiing. Instead of hitting the slopes we explored the town a little more.  I had been to the National Museum of Wildlife Art last time I was in Jackson, and had put it on my list for "Must Sees" this trip too. 

The museum is up on a hill right across from the Elk Preserve. The building is beautiful and really blends in with the hillside so make sure you are paying attention when looking for the museum. 

There are a ton of beautiful sculptures outside the museum, and plenty more inside. The museum is full of beautiful paintings, sculptures, and molds of wildlife art. Below are some of my favorites. (Yes, you are allowed to take pictures ;)

My favorite! Bought a print of this one.
"The Chief" by Robert Bateman.

I also bought another one of his spectacular prints of a crow. 

If you are in Jackson Hole, add this museum to your list. It is right outside of town and admission is $14 for an adult and the gift shop is spectacular!

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