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Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly recap

Happy Friday friends!

Hope everyone enjoyed their week and has great plans for the sunny weekend.

I had a great week slowly easing back into my workouts:

Monday: 1.5 mile run
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk
Thursday: 2.5 mile walk
Friday: 3 mile run

Add in a few days of riding and three days of working in the field and it wasn't a bad way to ease back in.

The swelling in my ankle is completely down and I did not experience any pain while running.

But boy is a month off bad for the legs! 3 miles felt like ten this morning to confirm that every time you stop it's so so hard to start again.

Stacie and I ran 3 flat miles this morning and then it was off to work. I made sure to pack a healthy lunch to avoid the fried seafood joint next door that smells oh so delicious.

I think ill compromise with an ice cream cone on the way home :)

Happy Weekending!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flourless "sugarless" chocolate cake- a baking success

Getting back into the swing of healthy eating, slowly easing back into running, and embracing a routine one again.

Today I give you cake. Chocolate cake. Flourless sugarless chocolate cake. You could make this cake much healthier by swapping out the butter for bananas or applesauce - but with my baking skills (or lack there of) I decided to follow the recipe step by step. Next week i will sub out all that butter for bananas and see what we get !

I found this recipe when i was looking up sugar free baking for a friend with diabetes. It has nine ingredients you throw them all into the food processor, turn it on, throw it in a cake pan (or muffin tin) and pop it in the oven- does it get any easier?

Instead of flour you use ground pecans, and instead of sugar I used truvia.

It was light- great texture- and just a touch of sweet. I paired it with some whipped cream and strawberries for a little extra sweetness and it was chocolate sweet heaven.

If I can bake it.... So can you!
Chocolate cake for the win!
Katie:1 Baking: 65528

Don't worry I've been doing some running to balance out the eating - three humid miles this morning and felt better than last week. No swelling or ankle pain either.

Pioneer woman's recipe for perfect salmon

I love seafood. If it came out of the ocean, I love it. Lobster, mussels, oysters, crab fish, sushi, I love it all and then some.

I love to cook salmon but I have never perfected the recipe for flaky moist perfect salmon (until now!) I got this recipe from Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman- one of my favorite cooking show and blogs.

Click here to shop her cookbooks on amazon!

Most of the salmon I have eaten/made is too underdone or dried out and bland. But not tonight ! Tonight's salmon was moist flaky juicy flavorful and so so simple to make.

Put your salmon on a foil lined baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil salt and pepper. Put the salmon in a cold oven turn onto 400 degrees and set the timer for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes you will have perfect flaky delicious salmon.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

I had such a fantastic weekend.  No horse big plans... Just spent time with my family, my dog, cleaned and unpacked, hiked, relaxed, and loved life.

Saturday was my sisters engagement party.  We had a lovely shin dig at my parents house with lots of wine, lots of friends and family, and a pizza truck.  Fresh pizzas, salads, NUTELLA PIZZA, cupcakes , ice cream- what a dream.  It was nice to celebrate and kick back with close friends and family, with A L O T of pizza.

Sunday I dedicated (almost) completely to  R&R.  I probably watched about 10 episodes of Law and Order SVU while cleaning unpacking and organizing the apartment.  I am loving how the place is coming together I am loving Chester.... and LOVING my $10 bar cart.  It really is the little things in life.

I dragged myself off the couch long enough to take Olive for a hike to soak up the sunshine, get a workout in, and watch Olive run around like a maniac.  It makes me so so happy to see her running around the woods, her ears flopping in the wind, muddy, wet, and the happiest pup in the land.

After a long break and lots of walking, I am going to start running again this week, and looking forward to re-joining my HIIT class.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as me!  I am feeling very happy today... very fortunate... and very loved. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Runners come in every shape and size: A Rant

Hello Thursday
You are such a tease. 

  I am not so patiently awaiting this weekends festivities- my sisters engagement party, some time in the saddle, organizing the apartment, and some couch time.

Wednesday was a little hectic with a full day of work playing scientist and a slow night behind the bar.  

(looking all important.... and stuff....)

Being a bartender I have learned to pick up on certain social cues, and learned to distinguish the Type 1  customer who wants to talk, and a Type 2 customer who wants to sip their beer while watching the Red Sox.  

Last night I had a mostly empty bar and an older gentleman who was a Type 1. He wanted to talk about my life my bar and everything else in between.  Usually you can walk away from rude people... but when someone is sitting at your bar with an open tab.. it's a little hard.  

(I may start using this technique) 

The topic of horse racing usually boils my blood a little.  Having horses and seeing what happens to many thoroughbreds after life on the track leaves a sour taste in my mouth .  After he asked my opinion and I told him how I felt, he assumed I was a PETA bug hugger.  I told him I wasn't, I love and respect animals but I am not a crazy extremist and I am not a vegetarian or anything... I just have a few strong beliefs.  He told me he could tell I wasn't a vegetarian.  This could be taken a few ways but I got the feeling that it was quite negative.  I brushed it off and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

We start talking about baseball injuries and soon I am talking about my recent running injury.  His response?  "You don't look like a runner".  I cocked my head, stared at him for a second, and told him that runners come in every shape and size.  I walked away from him a little hurt and a little pissed off.

What I wanted to say was "Please... please tell me what a runner is SUPPOSED to look like- 6 feet tall 0% body fat?  Runners come in all shapes and sizes, isn't that why we make running gear in different sizes?  If every runner was supposed to be a size two most athletic stores would be out of business".  Have to pick your fight... and I wasn't picking this one.

I am confident with my body image.  Sure I can be healthier but I am getting there.  But the point is, when did it become okay to publically nsult or put down others.  What happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say... STFU!"   I shouldn't feel the need to defend myself to strangers.   If you read my David's Bridal Post you know this isn't my first encounter with negativity.  How is it okay for some 60 year old severely out of shape man  (or anyone really) to put me down?

(In Bonaire feeling beautiful and confident- as I should)

While I have some changes to be healthier, I am happy with my body and happy at the progress I have made toward a healthier life style.  It is sad how young woman in America really struggle with body image issues and it is sad how individuals like the one I met really only make it worst.

This link about a mother finding her 7 year olds diet list I read on Maureen's blog breaking free and finding me really drives this point home.  

I am learning to brush off the negativity, but I just wish we could be more supportive and encouraging toward each other.  I'm not trying to preach world peace, just confused how some of us think its okay to treat people this way, and judge and critique the body image of strangers.

 You will meet people who will put you down, and you will see people who might even enjoy watching you fail.  All you can do is surround yourself with as many positive people as you can.    I am lucky to have a lot of people like that.  Thankful for all of you that support me time and time again.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, Walking, and Comfort Food

It has been a few weeks and the swelling has finally gone down.  It is still slightly swollen but it no longer hurts, aches, or swells up after activity. 

I have been doing a lot of walking/ short hikes to test out the ankle.  So far it seems happy.  I am enjoying the great outdoors and really enjoying walking, slowing down and enjoying the beauty of a New England Spring.

There is so much more to notice when just leisurely walking with the pup.  When did the trees bloom?!?

After a nice hike at Chatfield Hollow State Park, I was in the mood for some comfort food.... in the form of carbs.  I decided on chicken parm.  What is more comforting than saucy chicken parm on a week night?
Mac and cheese maybe...

I used about 6 tomatoes, 4 gloves of garlic, and half an onion as the base for my sauce.  I scrapped the mushrooms, going to make a cold mushroom salad with those beauts. 

For the chicken I ussed a chicken breast with whole wheat bread crumbs, baked in the oven at 400 degrees.  A slice of melty gooey  provolone cheese on top of course!

 Toasted "crack bread" from Simons with olive oil and more garlic..... and the meal was complete! 

Warm, filling, and delicious, just what I needed.  I love to cook and it was really nice to enjoy some quality "me" time, cooking up a delicious meal and relaxing after a long day of work and a hike. After being alone in the apartment it was nice to feel full, in every way possible.

 I devoured this on the couch with a glass of wine and popped in a movie.  I am a sucker for romantic comedies... or any romantic movie, so I decided to pop in an old classic I had never seen but was hidden in my DVD collection with the plastic still on.
Love Story.  

An adorable classic, with lovely quotes, and a not so happy ending.  Anyone else appreciate a little bit of drama and not so happy ending? Or am I just twisted....

I am happy... an active day and a relaxing night.   Taking some time off from running has been a nice treat.   I feel SUPER guilty when I see a runner passing by... a little envious even  but I will get there. For now I will enjoy the change of pace... literally.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Rumors are true.

After 4 long months of marathon training and feeling great, I am out for the count/  Deferring my marathon due to a lovely appearance of Achilles and peritoneal tendinitis.  

Its been over 2 weeks since that fateful day on the treadmill, and I am still experiencing swelling and pain around my right ankle bone.  Could I push through and run this marathon anyway?  Maybe? But why?

I only have one body... and there are thousands of marathons out there.  Besides... it isn't that one race that makes you, its all of the months and miles you put in before that big day.

I got to 18 miles comfortably which is still a huge accomplishment for  me.  I learned a lot about running habits  gear, recovery, and training.  I raised over 600 dollars for running for rescues.  

I will run a marathon.... just not this one. 

I am going to take some time off running to make sure this fully heals before I lace up the new newtons.  The orthopedic surgeon suggested I slip into my new sneakers ASAP and incorporate a lot of icing and stretching into my running routine.  

Until then, I have plenty to keep me busy.  Horseback riding, hiking, sailing, kayaking and maybe I will start my HIIT class again soon! 

The blog may slow down a bit with my lack of running and current injury.
I am looking forward to running again! 

Anyone else experience tendinitis?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back from an eventful trip to Bonaire

Hello friends!

I am back in the land of cell service and internet.  Luckily the weather here has been beautiful, making adjusting from the dutch Caribbean a little easier ;) 

All in all, I had a good trip.  I had some serious health issues that left me pretty miserable for a few days and unable to run.  Just my luck.

After the first day of diving, I got out of the water and my ears were BURNING.  Itchy, miserable and burning.  I brushed this off ... everyone told me I probably just ran into a jelly fish or two.

Later in the day I start to develop a mild rash.  I chalk this up to too much time in the sun and call it sun poisoning.  (keep in mind MOST of the day is spent in a full body wet suit).  

The next day I have a rash on my lower back... and then on my legs.... and then on my arms... and my hands... shoulders... neck..... chest.. EVERYWHERE.  It itches, it burns, it is very awful.

Day 3 I am absolutely miserable... sleeping on the cold tile floor for relief.  I finally sucked it up and went to the Bonaire Emergency Room.  They gave me an antihistamine for the allergic reaction and sent me to Hyperbaric Specialist to make sure I did not have skin decompression sickness after 3 days of diving.

Thankfully I did not have decompression sickness, just a severe allergic reaction to something.  The Hyperbaric Specialist gave me a gigantic cortizone shot (right in the hiny)  and sent me home.

To sum this up:  I went to Bonaire, was in complete miserable itchy pain for three days, went to the hospital, saw a specialist, and got a shot in my butt.  Thankfully the cortizone shot and antihistamines provided instant relief.  And with no insurance the bill was only $210 for both doctors.  And I was able to do some limited diving for my last day. 

Luckily I still was able to squeeze in 11 dives, the weather was beautiful,  and I was surrounded by a great group of friends who took care of me while I was falling apart.  I will spare you pictures of the rash.  I spent the week responding to the nick name "Cootie Katie"- never a dull moment when you travel with me!!!

Unluckily my ankle is still very swollen and I am going to have to defer my marathon until next year.  I have an appointment with my general doctor about my skin issues this morning, and then an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at 1 to discuss the ankle.

I am falling apart at the seams!  Hope everything is staying safe and healthy while I try to put myself back together.  Run a few miles for me.