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Friday, January 27, 2012

Humor me Friday

Happy Friday Friends!

If you are like me- you are sitting at work on pinterest because you have completely checked out of doing anything responsible and work related.  While "pinning" I found some funny and motivational pictures and sayings to share with my Ragnar Runners.
Enjoy and Happy Running,

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunshine and Running Apps

A few days ago it was snowing... today it was 50 degrees and the birds were singing.
Maybe the Mayans were right about 2012.

Now that the warm weather has melted the snow- we can all get back out there and hit the pavement.  If you haven't gotten a run in this week yet, you have no excuses - its going to be a warm week!

I left work early today to ride my horse (cross training!) and then headed home to squeeze in my "long run" before dinner.  Every Monday or Tuesday I run my long distance and spend 2-3 other days running 2-3 miles.  Today I headed out for a 7 mile run, and a new PR for my 10k.
  So far I am loving my new sneakers!

I love the Nike + running app (featured above)  I can play pandora and run this app at the same time which is a big plus for me.  You can also pull up the map while running, and switch songs right on this screen.  You can have a voice read you your pace, time, and distance at what ever set mileage you like - I have the nice lady on my app read me this information every 1/2 mile- the music lowers and the info comes right through your head phones- pretty awesome.  When you are finished with your run, there is a motivational message for you as well as your time, distance, pace, calories burned, a picture of your route, and a diagram of your speed along your route.  My one complaint is that this app does not track your elevation ;(  oh well- no ones perfect!

If you really need your elevation tracker, I suggest using the Map My Run app.

Happy Running,

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cross Training

Happy Friday Runners!

12:30 I am out of the office, heading to a meeting, and then home for a quick run and to pack for our ski weekend.  Thatcher and I are heading to Stratton for the weekend with a few friends.  Ski weekend like this are the reason I do not plan my long run for the weekends, and instead, I opt for the cold and darkness on Monday Nights.

Anyone who has spent a day skiing knows how it feels to wake up the next morning.  Sore and tired, maybe even with a few new bumps and bruises.  I always wake up (sore) and thinking, if I hurt this much that must have been a good workout - I guess that was a good way to cross train.

Cross training is a great way to engage different muscle groups as well as give a break to your joints.  The number one reason why atheletes cross train is injury prevention.  This boggled my mind.  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how not to injure myself, icing, stretching, technique the whole nine yards.  Come to find, changing up your workout and cross training may be the best way.

Check out this article from Runners World Eight Benefits of Cross Training and switch up your workout this weekend.

Here is some of the cross training I do year round to supplment my running routine :

Happy Running!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ragnar New England Runner Legs Are Posted!

Hello Runners,

After patiently waiting, the runner distances are up for Ragnar New England (Cape Cod).
The race seems pretty mild this year.  Last years race was about 198 miles and this years race is about 177 miles.  I am a little disappointed because we have a lot of strong runners and a lot of easy legs.  Still waiting to see the elevations.


Thanks to Thatcher for making this pretty colorful table.

Runners who wanted an easier leg ( 5, 10, 11)

Medium legs (1, 3, 8, )
Thatcher (3, 11)

Hard ( 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12)
Brian (9)
Katie (6, 9, 12pref )
Marissa, (2, 4, 9)

people to add in:  Tomilyn,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Spankin New Sneaks

My running partner is 50 lbs, never sleeps in, ALWAYS wants to go for a run,  has black fur....... and decided to eat my sneakers... My beloved $120 Asics.....

I resisted the urge to hit her with said sneaker and assessed the damage.  The result? Toast.... she decided to eat the first few lace holes, as well as rip off the side of the shoe so I could not tie my shoes and had NO ankle support.  But, what is a poor girl to do?  Rig the sneaks and hit the pavement.  After a few runs, a very sore ankle, and tripping over my laces... I decided enough was enough.  My horse and I won a nice $300 dollar check at our last horse show so I took the cash and headed to  Soundrunner in Old Saybrook.

  Throughout my posts, I constantly reference Soundrunner.  I love their quality gear and informative staff.  I bought my last Asics there so I brought them along with me.  I strolled in to find Christine behind the counter.  I bashfully admitted I had been running in these torn and beat up sneakers.   Christine was very helpfull and told me my dog did me a favor... my poor Asics were ready for the garbage can based on the missing material ( thanks Olive ) and worn out treads.  Christine also informed me I should be buying new sneakers every 6 months.  The first thought through my head looked like this ..$$$$.  But, as much as I like to pinch my pennies, buying running sneakers is not the place to do it.   

While I was in the market for some new sneaks, I decided to start the transition to "barefoot" running-  my shins are constantly yelling at me, and I have heard barefoot running is a good solution to shin problems.   Instead of transitioning right to a barefoot shoe such as the Nike Free's, Christine suggested I try these shoes, a lightweight shoe with some support, that would help me transition from my full support asics to no support Vibrams.  20 minutes and $125 dollars later, I said Yes to the Sneaks.
Thanks to Christine for all your help :)

The color, the light weight, the comfort, it was love at first site....
Let me introduce, my Spanking New Sneaks: Adidas Running ADIZERO AEGIS.
  • Find the support you need to crank up the pace with the adiZero™ Aegis 2.0 M from adidas®.
  • A lightweight trainer built to deliver stability and speed.
  • Designed for the runner with a 6:00-9:00 minute per mile pace.
  • Open mesh upper for optimal breathability.
  • Synthetic overlays for structural support.
  • Bonded Omori eyestay upper provides extended life and offers friction-free comfort at the top of the foot.
  • Padded tongue and collar for added comfort.
  • A more snug heel and wider toe box with reduced volume for enhanced comfort.
  • Non-slip lining for a great step-in feel.
  • Molded respoEVA sockliner offers an anatomical fit and soft underfoot support.
  • High-density adiPRENE®+ midsole supplies increased cushioning and rebound through toe-off.
  • Extended TORSION® SYSTEM supplies increased mid-foot and forefoot integrity.
  • adilite stability cradle helps guide the foot throughout the entire gait cycle.
  • Heel/Toe Midsole Height: 23mm/12mm.
  • Midsole Offset: 11mm.
  • Sticky rubber combined with the adiWEAR® outsole provides optimal traction over wet and dry surfaces.
  • FORMOTION™ adapts with every stride providing the smoothest ride.
  • Weight: 9 oz

While all that sounds great.. the true test will be tonight's run...
An update will follow!

Happy Running,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moonlit Running

The idea of running along foreign roads at 2am in Massachusetts sounds a bit nerve wrecking.. but its kind of awesome! No traffic, minimal noise, cool temperatures, and new terrain.  I recommend keeping your Ipods off, staying alert, and enjoying the run.  During my night run last year.... I tailed behind this guy... never more than a few steps behind him.  He must have been pretty annoyed with me breathing down his neck for 7 miles, but, I was terrified of getting lost.  The good news? The courses are well marked with reflective signs that have flashing lights... so you don't have to stalk strangers in upstate Massachusetts.  Vans are parked along the routes cheering you on, and you are likely to see a runner or two.  

Some of the reflective vests seen at the exchanges 

Here is an example of the signs along the race course... and no I have no idea who this lady is. 
Thanks Google Images

Not to scare anyone but I found this to be a pretty funny story:
During Ragnar New England 2011 I heard details of a runner almost getting mugged on his night run.  Apparently some one tried to jump him during his leg.... but he was extremely unsuccessful.  There are people around, vans around, and why a runner?  Who decides to attack a runner... who can probably outrun you... and has nothing valuable besides a beat up Ipod.....

On that note... I do a lot of running after work, usually around 5 or 6.  Seeing that it gets dark at 4:30, I am thankful to have my Ragnar gear from last year to keep me safe.  If you are training at night (which I recommend) make sure you are staying safe!  It is a good idea to purchase the following (you will need all of these for the Ragnar anyway).   


Clip-on tail light 

Reflective Vest

If you are looking for this gear.... a great place is Soundrunner !

Olive and I gear up for our night runs.  She even has a blinking light for her collar and I am in the process of making her a reflective vest.  Try to find running routes with plenty of sidewalks, street lamps, that is in a safe neighborhood, and let someone know where you are going and when you should be back. 
Happy Running!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Meaning of "Ragnar"

I dug up a little info on the background of the Ragnar Race - Enjoy!

The Ragnar Relay Series was created by Tanner Bell and Dan Hill in 2004.  The First Ragnar race was located in Utah and is the Wasatch Back.  

Ragnar was a Norse Viking in the 9th Century.  Dan and Tanner named the race after him because he was an adventure seeking, conquering, tough guy- Just like all of you :)

If anyone was wondering what our time was last year ( I was ! )  Here it is!
We came in 104th place out of 190 Teams- 
We complete 194.1 Miles in 29 Hours 26 Minutes and 8 Seconds.  That includes the extra 4+ miles Chris ran when he got lost AND Frank waiting for his van because Van 2 left him at a church in the middle of the night :)  So our time and pace was even better than that.
Way to go to Team 179!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Running with Dogs

While dogs are not allowed on the Ragnar racecourse, they are a great training buddy.
Meet Olive, my 1 year old(ish) Labrahound (Lab/hound mix)  :) 

Having a 1 year old extremely energetic dog forces me to run/bike/hike/walk every day.  If I ever skip an outdoor activity, I pay for it severely with an overactive, annoying, and destructive dog.  Canine companions are great for keeping us on schedule and motivated. Next time you hit the pavement, be sure to bring Fido along :)  

One of the problems I have while running with Olive is holding  trying to hold the leash while getting my arm yanked out of my socket for every squirrel or dog we meet.  After some research, I found this nifty tool that is now on my shopping list. 

This nifty contraption seems to act as a belt, leaving you hands free.  It even has room for a water bottle plus a little storage compartment-  These are awesome for the Ragnar as well (without the leash attachment).  I like to carry a course map during all of my legs in case I get off route in the middle of the night in some town I have never been in :).

If you want to learn more about running with your dog, check out these great articles and get motivated!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ragnar Relay New England 2011

Hi Ragnar Runners!
Ragnar New England 2011 was a huge success!  Take a look at the adventures of Team NER Construction. 

The Ragnar Car 

Thatcher starts off the race as our first runner in New Haven 

Starting line

Thatcher and the ladies 

Marissa getting ready to run!

Robby getting ready for a hand off

            some of the other vans got really creative

Safety First!

Waiting for Marissa

Exchange point 

Another team :)

Jeff coming in for the exchange!

Thatcher at the end of his leg and up a hill

Chris is ready to run.. I think..

Van 1 and Van 2 mingling 
Half of the fun is hanging out in the van!

Night Running 
             Jeff was our last runner...
        waiting for him so we can all cross the finish together

Team NER finishing the race!

Celebrations are in order 
                                                                                 Team NER Construction

Free Beer!

                A million thanks to our volunteers
                       Chris, Ashley, and Coco!