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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spitz - Mediterranean Street Food - Salt Lake City, Utah

Wednesdays are now dedicated to food. Why? Because I said I am giving this bloggie some structure... and I love food and its a little bit of foodie fun mid week.  Today I am ranting about Spitz.

Spitz is a small restaurant off of E Broadway Street, smack downtown in Salt Lake City.  It serves "Mediterranean street food" and it is one of my favorite spots to eat downtown.  Their sandwiches are amazing, their fries are crispy, and they probably have the best fry sauce in town. And Utahns take their fry sauce seriously.  There is almost a line out the door during all business hours.  But don't worry- it goes quick! 

It is a fun and funky place where you order at the counter, grab some water, grab a seat, play with the trivia cards, and wait for heaven to arrive in food form.

They are known for their Sangria (red white or seasonal) and it was delicious.  
They also have a fun beer menu, wine list, and liquor.  They feature a lot of local beers for a great price.  

The sandwiches never disappoint. And order extra fry sauce- it is that good.  Check out the amazing menu here

The Street Car Doner is the way to go.   It is the most popular sandwich and king of them all. 
You can pick the type of meat and then choose it in a wrap or sandwich.
I advise mixed meat and sandwich style.  

You also need to get the Street Car Fries.***
  I mean it when I say YOU NEED TO.  I am sorry to yell but they are one of my most favorite things about this place.    And make sure you bring a friend because it is an intimidating plate of "Mediterranean Fry Nachos" as I call them. 
Basically, it is every amazing Mediterranean ingredient on top of a plate of fries.  Feta, garlic aoli, tomatoes, peperoncinis, red onion, green pepper, olives, chili sauce, spices....
Do I have to say any more?

In the summer you can sit outside which also adds another element of awesomeness to this spot.  If you are in Salt Lake City, you must visit Spitz. 
 Did I mention they are open late on the weekends too?  
Midnight Doner Fries, here I come.   

***Disclaimer:  You will leave with serious garlic breath.  Which is great if you love garlic as much as I do.  If you find a cure for tasting anything besides garlic for the next four hours... let me know. 

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