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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pioneer Park Farmer's Market

I made it to Salt Lake City Thursday night around 5:30 pm.  The road trip went well with no issues.  I am still amazed.  No animals or people were harmed or lost in the making of #katiemoveswest .  And yes you are missing out if you are not following along on instagram (RunningARagnar)

I have so much to catch up on... Rehearsal dinner, weddings, the road trip, and adjusting to life in the city. But I think I am going to start with today.  Today we went to the farmers market held at Pioneer Park, basically next door to Thatcher's apartment.

I have been to many farmer's market- all wonderful but rather small.  This one, in Salt Lake City is g i g a n t i c.  It takes up the entire park and was overwhelming, really crowded, but amazing.  So many vendors.. so many people (and dogs!).  So many goods, and so much food.  You can stop for lunch, listen to some music, and for $5 you can even take a turn on the trapeze.  

We stuck to the shopping and shopped until we couldn't carry another thing- fruit, flowers, bread, jewelry, dog treats, and so much more came home with us-- thankfully it is about a 2 minute walk.  I could have probably spent the day here if my wallet allowed. 

I am really looking forward to going there every Saturday morning.  My waistline is not.  Thankfully it is all healthy local and mostly organic.  Enjoy these little snapshots of my morning! 

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