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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Grove Creek Canyon - Pleasant Grove, Utah

Best way to beat a case of the Mondays is to schedule a hike with a friend. As I have mentioned in previous posts, finding a hike this time of year can be a little more challenging.  You have to find a hike at lower elevation that will not be too snowy and icey at the top.

  Amanda suggested a hike by her house in Pleasant Grove, Utah, a part of Utah County about an hour south of downtown.  The Grove Creek Trail climbs up the canyon along Grove Creek and we made our end point the waterfall with beautiful views down the canyon.  

Deseret News marked the trail as difficult, but I would definitely call it moderate.  Yes, there are some steep sections in the beginning, and then some cliffy areas where you will need to watch your step.  But older children would be find on this hike, and the views and the terrain up here are spectacular and worth the effort. 

Trail Information from Deseret News
Directions: You can plug Grove Creek Drive into your GPS and the trailhead is at the end of the drive.  Or, for the old fashioned way:  from I-15 in Utah County, take the American Fork Canyon exit, Highway 92. Just before the canyon, take Highway 146 south to Pleasant Grove. At 500 North, turn east, and the road turns into Grove Creek Drive. You arrive at the trailhead. This was about 50 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. 

Trail:  The trail will start up a wide dirt road, and then head left up a steep section.  You will start to make your way through a few switchbacks as you climb elevation.  About halfway up the trail, sections of the path literally cling to the mountainside. After crossing a scree field, an area of large loose rocks, watch for the first waterfall below you. At two miles,you will hear and see the upper waterfall. Here, you will find a bench with a gorgeous view.  If you venture a little further, you will see a small bridge crossing the creek and the trail continuing on if you wish to extend your hike.

Notes:  Be warned about completing this hike in the summer as this trail offers little shade.  If you are hiking in the warmer parts of the year, start early and take plenty of water. There is water for the dogs along the trail via Grove Creek but I would still bring water for them, for the sections where the creek is a little too far. I would say older kids only for this hike as the steep beginning, scree footing and narrow edge of the trail clinging along the mountainside may be difficult for younger kids.

Heading up the Grove Creek Trail
Heading up the Grove Creek Trail
View of Timp while heading up the Grove Creek Trail
The dogs posing along a ledge on the trail
Grove Creek Trail
Grove Creek Trail views of Utah Valley and Utah Lake
Trail across the scree- Grove Creek Trail
Grove Creek Trail
Waterfall on Grove Creek Trail
View down Grove Creek Canyon from the bench and waterfall 
Grove Creek Trail
Heading Back down the Grove Creek Trail
Viewing point along the Grove Creek Trail
Returning down the Grove Creek Trail


  1. Great photos! We will be doing this as a group hike on Saturday. Can't wait to check it out! -Alicia @

    1. Thanks- Oh how i miss the dog group hikes! Can't wait to see some pictures and your post :)


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