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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bistro 222 Salt Lake City, Utah

We are getting back on track after spending almost two weeks home.  I have SO much to tell you regarding my trip home, but lets go back to our regularly scheduled Foodie Wednesday.

Spring is all about being outside.  And why not combine two of my favorite hobbies, being outside and well.. eating?  This spring I am all about picnics, eating on the deck, and finding all possible outdoor dining options.  So, let us start with Bistro 222. 

Bistro 222 caught my attention for two reasons.  A.  A large outdoor eating area right out on the sidewalk smack downtown.  B.  2 entrees for the price of one for a few weeks in May.  
No brainer.  Lets go!

Bistro 222

  222 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 

The menu at Cafe 222 was fun.  It was american food with a twist.  The items on the menu were familiar, with fun and different aspects.  Seafood, meat and pasta, there was something for everyone on the menu. 

It was so nice to enjoy dinner out on the sidewalk on a warm Salt Lake evening.  It was a quiet night at the restaurant, and my only complaint would have to be the city's homeless interrupting dinner to ask for spare change.  Oh well, the toll for living in the city.

The drink list was a little fun and different.  Different in the aspect that it was presented on a tablet.  A little weird considering the menu was in paper, but I went with it.  I settled on the mint julep and it was a delicious taste of spring and sunshine.  Fresh herbs in a springtime cocktail is basically (one of) the ways to my heart.

We decided on an appetizer-- The Mediterranean Dips:  Oven baked flatbread, olive tapenade, roasted red pepper hummus, and salsa parmesan.  The bread was cooked perfectly and the array of dipping sauces were different and delicious.  I have to say the tapenade was my favorite.  Something about that salty flavor of the Olives on fresh bread.  The parmesan salsa was delicious, different, and a fun change from traditional dips.

For dinner I decided on the Pan Seared Trout.  I don't usually order seafood out here in Salt Lake City (expensive and not fresh), but I almost always order trout when it is on the menu as Utah has some great trout fishing.  The trout was cooked perfectly and served with a pork belly confit, baby carrots, spaetzle, and tarragon cream.   The spaetzle and pork belly confit were such a fun and unexpected crunch.  The tarragon cream was the perfect accent to the fish. I was so happy with this dish. 

Thatcher ordered the Chicken Marsala with parmesan spiked polenta, mushrooms, sun dried tomato, marsala wine, demi-glace, and roasted vegetables.  The dish was really delicious and homey.  My only complaint was that it was a little too sweet for an entree dish for my taste. 

Bistro 222 was a spot I have passed so many times.  I was so thankful I finally stopped for dinner one day, and took advantage of the 2 for 1 entree deal.  If you are looking for classic american food with a twist, and the option of sitting outside (they have heat lamps too!) then add Bistro 222 to your list! 

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