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Monday, July 20, 2015

Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake Spring/Summer 2015

Yep, we are back in Antelope Island.  

What do you mean again?  

Well, ovbiously you have read about my other trips to Antelope Island.  
BUT-  in case you haven't.... 

Antelope Island Winter (first time)  My first time to Antelope Island.  Insanely gorgeous pictures of the snowy mountains reflecting off the Salt Lake.  

Antelope Island Winter (second!) Second time visiting the island and again.. winter!  We went for a nice winter hike with the pup. 

Antelope Island Spring (third) My third time to the island was this  Late winter/early spring.  I was really excited that this time, I was on horseback! 

Well, now you are on my fourth visit, and third season at Antelope Island.  It is so fun visiting the same spots during different seasons.  I came early early June so technically spring on the island Utah goes from hot hot hot to cold cold cold so the landscapes change so dramatically with the different seasons.  

Take a look at my summer trip to Antelope Islands.  
And I finally photographed the antelope. 

Antelope of Antelope Island 

Antelope of Antelope Island 

It is basically like going on a safari every time you visit this island.  

Bison on Antelope Island 

Bison on Antelope Island with Salt Lake City in the background.

I really love this pictures.  Antelope on the island in the front,  Great Salt Lake in the middle, and Salt Lake City in the back. This picture is kind of a great summary of the area.  Urban city, Great Salt Lake, and nature/wildlife on the island.  Utah, you are a little crazy.  

Snake on Antelope Island 

Antelope Island 

Antelope Island 

Antelope Island 

Antelope Island 

Reflections on Antelope Island 

The reflections.  The reflection of the mountain on the lakes makes my little photographer heart smile.  It is so pretty and I was really excited to catch the same image (well, same spot) during two completely different seasons). 

Spring/Summer Reflections on Antelope Island 
June, 2015 

Winter Reflections on Antelope Island 
 February, 2014

Still one of my favorite pictures from Utah.  Seeing this image on my visit to Utah kind of sold me on living here.  This place is so beautiful and just so different than home.  I wanted to experience life out here, even if just for a little while.  

  Reflections on Antelope Island 

Bikers on Antelope Island 

Marina on Antelope Island 

Another season on Antelope Island.  And quickly closing in on my 1 year Utahversary.  

Thank you Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake for being so close, so gorgeous, and such a fun and different experience each time I visit.  


  1. Wow, those animals are gorgeous! Except I could do without the snake. I just moved to Oregon but seriously considered Utah. I'm sure I'll live there someday! Looks incredible!

    1. It is quite surreal seeing so many critters up close! Felt like a safari for sure! How are you loving Oregon? I have been to Portland once, but can't wait to see the Oregon Coast!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Katie, these pictures are uhhhhhmazinggggggg. Seriously, so in love. I want to see bison!!!

    1. aww thanks Sarah! Its funny NO ONE talks about Utah back East- I got here and I was like WHOA this is Utah?!??! Such a crazy beautiful surprise!

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