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Friday, February 27, 2015

Instructing and Marathoning

Happy Friday!
We made it!

I am really excited to share some fun "big" news with you all.

  First, I signed up for Instructor Training to teach gym classes here at the U!  I am currently taking Tabata Monday Wednesdays at the U and loving it, so I am really excited for the opportunity to teach!  It was only 75$ for a 6 week course that meets from 4-7 every Sunday.  I will be able to teach classes this summer.  I really want to teach Body Pump or Tabata or some kind of HIIT!

Second.  I signed up for another marathon. 
I know I am as shocked as you are.  I said one and done. BUT.. after months of complaining I didn't have any friends, and wanting to continue running and stay in shape, I have finally made some friends and some of them are runners.  They all meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings to run and I joined their group.  Seeing them all train makes me want to run more, and has me running more and faster than ever.  I am already running with them and KNOW that I need some motivation to run so I figured this would be perfect.  Motivation, Friends, Hot Bod for summer- Check! 

So why Utah Valley Marathon?
Like I said, a few of the girls are running it and running with them is putting me in the best shape! It is also fun to have a group of running friends out here, and we already have a hotel booked for a fun lady race!

This race is rated as one of the best marathons for 2014 by Runner's World Magazine. It is only 45 minutes away and only $100 to enter. 

I have a training schedule I made/altered that I will share with you all but basically my plan is: less is more for me- I run 4 times a week and that's it.  My rest days are usually active rest days where I cross train with tabatta weights skiing or hiking.   

I basically run Tuesday Thursday am 4 miles, Friday trail run 4-5 miles Monday Wednesday Tabatta class, and Saturday off or ski, Sunday long run 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I got "catfished" -- How you can prevent it!

I really enjoy blogging.  And I really hope you all enjoy reading this blog.  It has been a great way to document my travels, my training, and my move out west.  It is an awesome way for my family and friends back home to enjoy my pictures and stories from my "new life" out here in Utah.

However, sharing (some) of your life publically, has a few negative aspects.  Mostly, your information and pictures are out there for everyone to see.  I realize it is time to start "watermarking" my photos so that is one change I am going to have to start making.

Well, this change came about after an anonymous blog reader (no idea who you are or how you found this information but thanks) notified me that either I had moved to North Carolina and didn't tell anyone, or someone was using my blog as a way to get pictures and information to "catfish" on OK Cupid.

Well, I was pretty confused and felt pretty old when I had to ask a friend what catfishing even means.

My information, details of my personal life, and information about me was slightly altered and posted on OK Cupid (a dating website).  I am not sure the end result but I am assuming basically, someone uses my pictures and information to attract men online.  A friend was telling me how someone had just been scammed $10,000 when she "fell in love" with someone catfishing and for who knows WHAT reason.... sent them $10,000.  Unfortunately online romance scams are really a thing, and in 2011 alone it was estimated $50 million were lost due to online romance scandals. 

I am not sure what Miss Kelsers wanted my account for, but it was insanely creepy.  There were even about 10 of my personal pictures on there (all from my blog), and one was even of me in shorts and a sports bra after a run.

Like I said...... REALLY creepy. 

After about ten minutes of my discovery from my anonymous reader (how did you find this?)  the profile was taken down. 

So, while having a blog is a lot of fun, and great in many ways, it can suck in a few ways... and this is one. Sorry to all the men falling in love with me on Ok Cupid (in my dreams) sorry but I am not taking applications for potential suitors.  

Here are some tips to avoid being catfished: 
1.      Social Protection/Prevention
a.       Private setting on social media accounts
b.      Accept only friend requests of people you know
c.       Video chatting to prove identity
d.      Watermarking photos
e.       Google search and alert for your name
            OR: - free service that helps manage your online profile—you will receive regular updates to any changes to your online Google presence
f.       Reverse image search:  Lets you upload your pictures or provide the URL for your pictures and will tell you where else they are showing up. 

2.      Traditional identity theft prevention
a.      Checking statements
b.      Checking credit score
c. – use this, avoid knockoffs
d.      Pay with credit card vs debit card 

Anyone ever have their identity stolen somehow or found themselves on an online dating site?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spitz - Mediterranean Street Food - Salt Lake City, Utah

Wednesdays are now dedicated to food. Why? Because I said I am giving this bloggie some structure... and I love food and its a little bit of foodie fun mid week.  Today I am ranting about Spitz.

Spitz is a small restaurant off of E Broadway Street, smack downtown in Salt Lake City.  It serves "Mediterranean street food" and it is one of my favorite spots to eat downtown.  Their sandwiches are amazing, their fries are crispy, and they probably have the best fry sauce in town. And Utahns take their fry sauce seriously.  There is almost a line out the door during all business hours.  But don't worry- it goes quick! 

It is a fun and funky place where you order at the counter, grab some water, grab a seat, play with the trivia cards, and wait for heaven to arrive in food form.

They are known for their Sangria (red white or seasonal) and it was delicious.  
They also have a fun beer menu, wine list, and liquor.  They feature a lot of local beers for a great price.  

The sandwiches never disappoint. And order extra fry sauce- it is that good.  Check out the amazing menu here

The Street Car Doner is the way to go.   It is the most popular sandwich and king of them all. 
You can pick the type of meat and then choose it in a wrap or sandwich.
I advise mixed meat and sandwich style.  

You also need to get the Street Car Fries.***
  I mean it when I say YOU NEED TO.  I am sorry to yell but they are one of my most favorite things about this place.    And make sure you bring a friend because it is an intimidating plate of "Mediterranean Fry Nachos" as I call them. 
Basically, it is every amazing Mediterranean ingredient on top of a plate of fries.  Feta, garlic aoli, tomatoes, peperoncinis, red onion, green pepper, olives, chili sauce, spices....
Do I have to say any more?

In the summer you can sit outside which also adds another element of awesomeness to this spot.  If you are in Salt Lake City, you must visit Spitz. 
 Did I mention they are open late on the weekends too?  
Midnight Doner Fries, here I come.   

***Disclaimer:  You will leave with serious garlic breath.  Which is great if you love garlic as much as I do.  If you find a cure for tasting anything besides garlic for the next four hours... let me know. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Girls on the run training

Growing up in a small beach town in Connecticut, you sort of live in a bubble.  Okay, you definitely live in a bubble.  The town is small, everyone is sort of the same, the schools are great and the streets are more than safe.  In the winter the population drops substantially and it's just a quiet little beach town. 

Well, that bubble was broken quickly when I moved out here to downtown Salt Lake City.  The landscape and culture was different, I had to get used to the appearance of homeless people, traffic, and the general urban environment with a west coast culture.  Religion rules this city here in the mountains past the corn belt where the air is thin and the people are kind (and insanely outdoorsy).  I slowly fell into this new bubble of living downtown and having the world at my fingertips, or at least a short walk away.

Girls On The Run training was a humbling experience.  I learned about the homeless children that live in the area, and attend a "School With No Name", and I learned about their struggles in every day life.  I learned about the different socioeconomic levels here in the city.  I learned what Title 1 meant, the classification for a school that needs the most financial assistance.  I learned all of this is right in my back yard.  I learned some girls can't even cover the $40 fee to complete the program after scholarships.  I learned that some girls couldn't buy sneakers, or find a ride to the race on race day.  

Humbling 101.  I am happy to report that Payless is giving each girl $25 for shoes,  Harmons is giving each school $100 for healthy snacks.  Girls On The Run is covering 100% of the expenses for some of the girls who cannot cover the remaining costs of entry.  This is truly an amazing program.

I am really excited to have a team of 7th and 8th graders and teach them about peer pressure, living a healthy life style, how to make better decisions, be a role model for the girls, and help them train for a 5k in May.  This training was an exciting and humbling experience and I can't wait to jump right in next week.

The day started with 7:30 am CPR and AED training. 

Then it was breakfast and a guest speaker- we received these adorable coach bags, t shirts, water bottles, and other swag!

The theme this year is Be Your Own Superhero and the girls will have capes and other fun goodies for race day.

There are so many amazing activities, lesssons, events in this bin!  My favorite is the "lap counters".  One cute idea was a new colored hair clip for each lap the girls complete that day! 

The race is going to be amazing!  A sea of girls from different towns and backgrounds, coming together to run a 5k-  all wearing capes, hair die and super hero makeup.  There will also be adults running the race with the kids as "running buddies" to help the girls along the 3 mile course. 

Amazing or what?  Can't wait to update you all on our first day next Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Motivational Monday: February 16-22 2015

Happy Monday!  
I want to try to get into more of a "Blogging Routine" so Mondays are going to be dedicated to running.  Some motivational running tips and a recap of my week of running! 

A lot of my running tips tricks and motivation is going to come from the two running books I reference all the time: 

"Avoid comparing yourself to someone else.  You are on your own journey, and only you can define the path you're going to take.  It is never too late to learn to run or return to running... Define your own running schedule.  Mix it with yoga classes or cycling sessions.  Incorporate running into your lifestyle and before you know it, it will feel as routine as brushing your teeth". -  Jenny Hadfields tips and tricks 

I love these tips.  If you compare yourself to other runners you will spend a lifetime saying you are too slow, too lazy, too fat, too this, too that.  
I also figured out what works for my body, and that is running 3-4 times a week, not a day more.  I also discovered that mixing running with weight training and other activities gives me the best results without over doing it.  

  Here is an example of my schedule and a recap of my running week last week.  

Monday:  Hike/Walk
Tuesday:  4 Early Miles with the girls
Wednesday:  Tabatta
Thursday:  Off
Friday:  5 trail miles at BST
Saturday:  9 miles at Jordan River parkway
Sunday:  Walk/Rest Day 

Friday :  Bonneville Shoreline 5 miles

Friday :  Bonneville Shoreline 5 miles

Saturday: 9 miles Jordan River 

Saturday: 9 miles Jordan River 

Saturday: 9 miles Jordan River 

I am really proud of those splits!  It was a good running day/week.  Now I just need to figure out to make every week like this one. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Girls On The Run !

Girls On The Run 

I am really excited to announce I have been accepted to coach a Girls On The Run team with the Salt Lake City division!  This Saturday I am going to a 2 hour CPR training and a full day coach training.  After hearing about this program through other friends, runners, bloggers, and on instragram, I am SO excited to be a part of this amazing program.  

Sooo.. what is Girls On The Run? 

"A non profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams".  

What is my role?  Being a coach for a team of girls from a local school here in SLC.  I will meet with the girls once a week with the ultimate goal of running a 5k in the spring.  Sessions will consist of running, nutrition, and instilling healthy and positive body image. 

 Amazing program right?

This day and age, it is scary to see just how cruel girls can be to each other.  And lets be honest, social media and the world we live on puts a lot of pressure on young girls.  I really love the idea of instilling a healthy attitude at a young age, and teaching these girls a skill they can hold on to for a long time.  Running doesn't require any expensive gear, or any special talent, it is approachable for anyone and has so many positive and healthy benefits.  I am really excited to help teach this girls how to empower one another. 

"We believe that every girl
can embrace who she is,
can define who she wants to be,
can rise to any challenge,
can change the world".

learn. dream. live. run.

My philosophy has always been-- I will never be a super fast runner, or the person winning the race, but I am really good at motivating and inspiring people, especially beginner runners.  I am really excited to take this "skill" and use it to help teach young girls a love of running and a passion to live a healthy lifestyle. 

I am really excited to include all of you on this fun new expedition.
I will be back to share some of the knowledge from coach training, and will be doing a weekly update on my team and how the girls are doing so you can all see the difference in the girls and what they learn, and hopefully inspire you all to get involved somewhere somehow :) 


There are 225 councils. 
Find a way to get involved!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Birthday - twenty seven !

I had a great birthday out here in Salt Lake City.  Last year, I spent my birthday on planes all day trying to get out here after winter storms wrecked havoc on my travel plans.  This birthday was a nice upgrade from spending the day with American Airlines. 

To start the day, I made breakfast, cleaned up the apartment, grabbed Olive and dropped my car off at the autbody shop.  Nothing says Happy Birthday like an oil change and emissions test.  While my car was being serviced, I took Olive down to Tanner Park, the wonderful off leash park out here. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and a nice 3 mile walk with Olive was a great way to start the day.  After the apartment was cleaned, the dog was walked, and the car serviced, I decided to get a mani/pedi as a way to relax and get a fun polish for dinner. 

After I got my nails done, I went to my normally scheduled 5:30 body pump class.  I figured a workout would be a good way to (attempt to) offset the wine and cake that would be happening later on.

After a walk, nails, and a workout, it was time for dinner! I wore a fun black dress that has been sitting in my closet waiting for a fun occasion, with my wedge booties.  

Dinner was at Copper Onion, a fantastic restaurant downtown I haven't been to since my birthday last year.  

I ordered the lam riblets and from the appetizer, to the dinner, to the sides, to the drinks, it was a fantastic meal.  Copper Onion is a wonderful farm to table esque restaurant at an affordable price.  The most expensive entree is only $27 and the food is absolutely fantastic.   

After dinner, we stopped for another drink on the way home at Juniors before heading home for some cake.  An entire large chocolate cake from gourmandaise.  

Between the gifts from my sister, the cake, a wonderful dinner, and all the messages from friends and family, I had a fantastic birthday.  27 sounds so old and I have to say some days I still feel like I am 19.  But one thing I know to be true is every year keeps getting better.  Every year I become closer with friends and family, and accomplish something bigger and better.  I noticed I tell my friends and family I love them more, and I mean it more than I ever have.  Maybe that's the distance, but I think it is definitely a factor of time.  

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and I can't wait to see what 27 brings.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Running Recap : 2/9 to 2/15

Happy Monday!  

I had a good "running week" last week so I thought I would share for some motivation/encouragement for you all (and for me!)

Monday: Tabatta

Tuesday:  5 morning miles around the city before class

Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  3 miles during lunch

Friday:  4 miles trail running on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Saturday: OFF

Sunday:  8 miles on the Jordan River Parkway 

TOTAL:  20 miles

It felt really good to get some consistent running under my belt, and felt good to get out of my 3 mile comfort zone.  It was also nice to remind myself I can run some distance.  I have not run anything longer than 6 since my marathon, nearly a year ago.  I have run 6 miles a few times but that was weeks ago.  I was also happy with my time, and consistency in my splits! 

Cheers to a new week, a fresh slate, and another week to run all the miles!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bucket List Update - 6 months in Utah

Well, I have officially been in Salt Lake City for about 6 months and time for a bucket list update (again) ;) 

If you know me, you know I am a go-getter, a doer, a dreamer.  I want to see everywhere and everything, and of course, RIGHT NOW.  I do about a million things in one day and crash at 8 pm.

I am insanely high strung and set out to experience as much of this new landscape as I can.  I think I am doing pretty good so far!   I figured it would be fun to update you all on my Bucket List---what I have done so far and what I have left.

  Well, I am so glad I made the decision to "Leave the nest" and experience life outside of New England.  So sit back and see what I have been up to.


  • Climb to the top of Timp- Mount Timpanogos- 7.5 miles each way (~9 hours)
  • Attend Mormon tabernacle choir - Sundays 8:30 am seating 
  • Drive Highway 12- through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument between Capitol Reef National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park,
  • Hike Ensign Peak

  • Visit the Aviary 
    • Ride in the Bison Round Up 
    • Saturday Pioneer Park Farmers Market 

    • Lavendar farm in Mona 
    • Tour the State capital
    • Twilight concert series
    • Snowshoe Donut Falls
    • Drive the Alpine Loop
    • Wander Temple Square at Christmas'
    • See a Ballet West Performance
    • Hike Mount Olympus    
    • Visit the Kennecot Copper Mine
    • Watch the 4th of July Fireworks- best spots Sugar house Park or Ensign Peak
    • Go to Christkindlmarkt
    • Go to a Ute game (football or gymnastics)
    • Sundance Film Festival
    • Salt Lake City downtown LibraryVisit Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island
    • Heber Valley Railroad
    • Eat at Hectors
    • National History Museum of Utah
    • Ski Alta 
    • Memory Grove Park
    • Liberty Park
      • Utah Olympic Park
        • Snowbird in the Summer
        • Snowbird in the Winter 
        • Red Butte Garden
          • Visit Temple Square

            • Wasatch National Forest 
              • Hogle Zoo
              • Dive the Homestead Crater in Midway
              • Swim in the Fifth Water Hot Springs 

              Long Weekend-Week - MUST SEE PARKS AND MONUMENTS!
              • MIGHTY FIVE:
                • Canyonlands National Park
                • Arches National Park
                • Zion National Park
                • Bryce Canyon National Park
                • Capital Reef National Park
              • Dead Horse Point State Park
              • Scott Matheson Nature Preserve, 
              • Colorado river (float trips and white water rafting),
              • Manti-Lasal mountains 
              • Cottonwood Canyons
              • Dinosaur National Monument,
              • Glen Canyon Dam (and Glen Canyon Recreation Area)
              • Wasatch Mountain State ParkLake Powell
              • The High Unitas

                • Rainbow Bridge 
                • Delicate Arch (3 mile hike)
                • Grand Staircase-Escalante Natl Park, Calf Creek Falls
                • Monument Valley & Four Corners 
                • The Wave- Coyote Buttes Area 
                • Spiral Jetty: 
                • Bonneville salt flats
                • Bear River Bird Refuge
                • Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon a part of Canyonlands Natl Park. 
                • Grand gulch
                • Nine mile canyon
                • Calf Creek Falls

                Week + Out of state road trips 
                • SLC to Yellowstone & Tetons  (summer) (~5.5) 
                • SLC to Vegas (~6.5) 
                  • SLC to Jackson Hole (winter) (~5 hours)
                  • SLC to Yosemite (~10.5 hours)
                  • SLC to Grand Canyon (~ 9 hours)
                  • SLC to Denver, Colorado (7.5 hours)
                  • SLC to (fly) California --Napa, San Fran, LA, Drive the Coast!