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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pig and a jelly jar- Breakfast Review

I think the best part about moving to a new city is all of the new restaurants.  
Well, it is for me anyways. 

One of the downfalls to home is I was getting really tired of going to the same restaurants with the same food (except for River Tavern- duh).  I mean yes I could have driven an hour and gone to one of the "cities" I know West Hartford has some good restaurants, but who wants to drive an hour each way for dinner after work. 

Part of my promise to Salt Lake was giving all these restaurants a shot and trying out as many as I can (limited to going out 1-2 x a week for the sake of my waist line and wallet).  So you will notice some restauarnt review on the blog.  Ultimately, I would love to have a little SLC travel guide with posts on where to eat where to hike what to do. 


So now, let me introduce you to Pig and a Jelly Jar.
voted Best Comfort Food at Salt Lake Magazines 2013 dining award.
I love me some comfort food, especially on a rainy Sunday. 

I have passed this little place en route to Liberty Park and heard about its Chicken and Waffles through the running meet up (of course the runners planned their runs around food... there is a donut run coming up... only problem is its 12 miles and even donuts aren't worth 12 miles in my books).

Thatcher and I went on a rainy Sunday and were excited for some home style comfort food.  Well, I was excited for chicken and waffles.  We started off with some coffee and enjoyed the vibe of the place while the rain fell outside. 

Of course I went with the chicken and waffles.
  It was good, but I wouldn't say great.  
The waffle was just a plain waffle and the chicken was not crispy- it more resembled a baked chicken.  At the Red House in Deep River, their waffle was a jalapeno cheddar waffle with this amazing piece of fried chicken and a great syrup.  Compared to Red House, this was one was just okay. 

Thatcher got the kale white bean hash which was simply delicious.  A sunny side up egg with this garlic aoili all over the place.  If you love potatoes and if you love sauce... you will love this.  Simply put. 

We were really excited to order a PBR drink. 

That is until we found out Utah's stupid liquor laws prevented the sale of alcohol before 11:30am. What is the point of going to brunch (or breakfast) if you cant get a dang bloody mary?

We will be back for the PBR Mary.  
Oh and lunch didn't look so bad either ;) 

If you are looking for a homey comfort food type of breakfast, then make a stop here.  After your delicious and unhealthy breakfast you can go for a walk around Liberty Park.
Make sure you go after 11:30 so you can try one of these PBR Cocktails!

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