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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Machimoodus State Park - Moodus, CT

I am pretty blown away by the amount of beautiful places and spaces in our small state and Machimoodus was of certainly one of them. It's in Moodus, a relatively quiet village in the town of East Haddam. Don't expect to find a busy downtown or a high traffic park. Instead, you can find quiet back roads with a colorful coffee shop, and a park with a relatively empty parking lot. I heard of this park as a great place for trail riding with the intention of hiking it on foot to scope it out for future four legged use. Adam was home and tagged along for a full family adventure to another state park - two dogs, two kids, and the two of us. 

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Windsor Meadows State Park - Windsor


Windsor Meadows State Park is a small stretch of park bordering the Connecticut River in the town of Windsor. The entire park consists of 155 acres of woodlands along the river, bounded to the west by railroad tracks. The south section of the park contains the large parking lot, start of the Windsor River Trail (paved trail great for a variety of trail users), the Bissell Bridge Walkway Trail, and the Bissell Bridge Boat Launch. The Walkway connects Windsor to the large system of multi-use trails in Manchester and East Hartford. While the area is most popular among boaters using the launch, there are several picnic tables, and a small handicapped accessible pavilion.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Farm River State Park, East Haven

Farm River State Park

This state park is truly a hidden gem. Only 35 minutes away, I had never heard of this small but special state park basically nestled in a neighborhood on the water. The 61 acre park is "relatively new" earning its state park designation in 1998. I visited in peak foliage, late October and the park was absolutely beautifully decorated in every shade of Autumn. On a sunny weekday, I also had the trail to myself.