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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City, Utah


This past weekend was a three day weekend in honor of Labor Day, and a chance to start checking some things off the bucket list.  Because it was a holiday weekend and the southern Utah parks would be packed, we decided to stay local Saturday and do something fun in the city.  Saturday we went to the Pioneer Park Farmers Market (mentioned HERE). After hanging around for the day, we ventured out in the early evening.  I (finally) got out of my comfy clothes and put on this curt skirt/tank combo.

I have been trying to get in the habbit of reserving my running clothes JUST for running.  Living in the city I have more of a reason to get dressed and do fun stuff so this is absolutely helping.  I wore this fitted black and white skirt, a simple black tank, big "gold" leaf earrings,  flip flops and my favorite Steve Madden purse. 

Once showered and dressed, we headed to campus to check out the Red Butte Garden down in Salt Lake City,  another stop on my Utah Bucket List.

    Red Butte Gardens is basically a big beautiful garden and arboretum at the edge of the University of Utah campus.  The entire campus just keeps climbing up and as I learned, it is a TERRIBLE place to bike to. There are several hiking trails from this area and some great hikes.  This picture above is taken from the entrance of the gardens, with a gorgeous view of the city below. 

Once you go through the visitor center (10$ for adults, free for students- that's me!) we headed upstairs, and out into the gardens.  There were paved and dirt paths winding through this gorgeous garden.  What caught me off guard was the warning signs regarding the snakes (rattlesnakes!) and how they tend to hang around the gardens.  The signs warned to stay clear of the snaked and report their location at the visitors center.

At first, before I got to the gardens, I kind of had this "it's just going to be a garden, lets stroll quick to say we did" attitude.  I was pleasantly surprised.  There was so much to see and I could have definitely spent another hour or so in here if our rumbling stomachs and threat of dark didn't kick us out! 

The park was laid out very well and had so many fun parts.  The kids section of the park was absolutely adorable.....for kids and grown-ups alike (above is me posing at the entrance).  The gardens were themed around nursery rhymes and stories and had a lot of fun activities and things for the kids to do.  There were fun walk throughs, fountains, activities, sculptures, and I loved the whimsical feel in this part of the garden. 

I think the rose gardens, the fragrance garden, and the herb gardens were some of my favorite parts.  They had all the different areas labeled and marked very well.  The roses smelled amazing and I spent half of the evening with my face stuffed in a flower. 

I also felt the need to touch feel and smell everything.  
And may or may not have wound up with some cactus needles in my fingers....

There were also tables, chairs, benches, and swinging chairs throughout the entire garden.  I saw a few couples enjoying some wine and snacks, sitting on a bench or gazing out at the pond.  It looked like the most adorable Saturday evening, enjoying wine and snacks on the garden.  Not sure if it is allowed but I will basically be smuggling wine and cheese in this garden.  Every weekend. 
(it's free for me!)

My favorite areas: Medicinal Garden, Herb Garden, Floral Walk, Fragrance Garden, Children's Garden, Courtyard Garden, Water Pavillion Garden (above), and the Terrace (below).

(daydreaming of wine and cheese in the garden)

Towards the end of our garden walk, we came across the amphitheatre. "From May through September the Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre is home to a variety of outdoor performances. This 3,000-seat venue in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains is not only the site for our Outdoor Concert Series, but also Sundance Film Institute screenings, Greek Theater, and Monday Family Night events. The Amphitheatre has lawn seating, an area for food vendors and merchandise, and all the perks of being in the Garden. Bring a picnic and enjoy live music, independent movies, local theater, and cultural performances. For more information, click on the links below."

What sounds more perfect than that?
Pack a picnic, sit on the lawn and enjoy a concert? Perfection.

Did I mention, this summer Amos Lee, Sarah McLachlan, Gavin Degraw, Matt Nathanson, Natalie Cole, Ray Lemontagne, Sheryl Crow, David Gray, and Ben Harper all stopped by to give concerts here.

I will DEFINITELY be back to see a summer concert here at Red Butte. 

I instantly fell in love with this beautiful garden, with a it's backdrop of stunning mountains.  There was a variety of flora (and fauna! the cutest little quails running around) and truly something for everyone here.

If you are in Salt Lake City, add this stop on your list.
You will probably find me by the fragrance garden with a glass of Rose ;)

Check them out on their website HERE


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