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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Letchworth State Park, Finger Lakes, New York

Upper Falls - Letchworth State Park 

Dear New York, 

How were you hiding all these big and showy state parks?  I have lived in the Northeast most of my life (minus those two years in Utah) and as you know dear reader, I am madly in love with the outdoors.  Whether it's scuba diving or horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking, or just an evening under the stars.  I'm happiest when I 'm outside. 

In my 31 years I have traveled a lot, especially around the U.S.  And when I moved back east from Utah, I made it my mission to tackle more mountains, more peaks, and spend more time outside.  To experience the outdoors in new places and in new ways. 

But even after being back east for 2.5 years and tackling different challenges, these New York State Parks are still a complete surprise.  It's amazing what is hiding just a few state lines away).  These parks in the Finger Lakes were gems no one down here in New England really talked about.  

This wasn't just a casual run of the mill  State Park.  To me, this was dramatic and oh so beautiful with rugged cliffs and waterfalls, miles of trails and so many recreation opportunities.  I couldn't help but think, this place is kind of National Park worthy. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Robert H. Trehman State Park, Finger Lakes - Waterfall Loop Hike

Views along the Gorge Trail 
It sort of became a new tradition to explore New York on the fourth of July. It all started last year when I convinced my parents we should spend the long weekend up in the Ausable area, camping, exploring, and hiking up in the gorgeous Adirondacks. It was a great trip that included one of my favorite hikes to date, Indian Head. Since then, I have made it a mission to spend more time exploring this huge state of New York that is truly an outdoor lover's paradise. I've done a few hikes in the Catskills, spent some time in the Adirondacks and now, spent the fourth of July holiday in the Finger Lakes. 

 Spending America's birthday deep in the woods and in one of our countries state parks is my favorite way to celebrate Independence Day. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Lake Zoar Loop Hike to Prydden Falls - Connecticut's Best Hikes

I used to write blog posts as a sort of strict “informational guide" - maybe an intro sentence or two but after that, it was right to business. Park here, hike there, eat that. If you are here for just that - not a problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom until you see the "Trail Information" header. But if you want to hear a bit about my personal life, and a whirlwhind summer of dating (and how this all relates to hiking) grab a coffee or a beer and keep reading. 

I really enjoy sharing my stories. You know, the stories of what brings me to a certain person, place, or thing. It’s amazing how a story can unfold in just about every post I write, even in something as simple as a trail guide. And this trail guide? It has a story. You see, there are a lot of hikes that hold a sweet spot in my memories.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Escape to the Cape - A Day in Falmouth, MA

The Cape in the summertime tends to get a bad reputation. You hear the words Summer and Cape Cod and before you can envision yourself beachside enjoying Wellfleet oysters, you are reminded of the insane traffic and high price tags on just about everything. Well, let me share a secret with you.

Head to the top of the Cape and you can avoid some of the traffic. Head to the top of the cape in early June when the kids are still in school and you can avoid all the traffic. Cheery on top? You can also get discounted lodging and a table for 8 at a restaurant on a perfect sunny day - things that are impossible on those July summer weekends.  Let me tell you from experience....the Cape in June is the only way I want to go to the Cape.

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Day Trip to Martha's Vineyard

Towards the end of a cold New England winter, and about the time I met Adam, I started putting together a New England summer bucket list.  You know, a list of all the things and places I wanted to see in the near future.  A fun list of places suggested by a friend or found online that I quickly jotted down in a spreadsheet before it was lost in my brain, drifting somewhere between the never-ending "To Do" list and much-needed Grocery list.  But because this is 2019 and I almost always have a computer in front of me or a phone nearby, this list turned into one longggggg google doc I can add to wherever whenever.   Which I can't help but think, how did we live before google docs?