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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bike Prom - Salt Lake City

I need to tell you all about the best idea ever. 

 Two words: Bike Prom
 For $20, you buy a ticket and join a lot of people and their bikes wearing the best (or worst) prom dress or dress up attire you can find.  You can on an epic (and slow) bike ride around the city parade style, stopping at the Library and Pioneer Park for drinks and a dance party. Then, you all ride to the prom destination for drinks, dancing, and appetizers until midnight. 
It is fantastic.

Tickets:  20$ each (goes to support the Bicycle Collective)
Includes appetizers at "prom".
There is a cash bar for cocktails and beer, as well as food trucks for additional food. 
6:00pm-8:00pm - Slow Pre-Prom Bike Ride
8:00pm-Midnight - Dance

The Bicycle Collective is the great organization that hosted Bike Prom. "The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. The Collective provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community, focusing on children and lower income households." 

What an amazing organization with a great mission.  

Before you can go to bike prom you have to head to Goodwill and find an amazing prom dress.  Well, here in Salt Lake City, we like to make our own church version of organizations, so we have Deseret Industries, a bigger more amazing Goodwill.  I went to Deseret Industries (DI to the locals) and had a blast in the dress section.

Out of all the options, I decided on this little number, a $15 Jessica McClintock prom dress that was easy enough to bike in and lets admit, was pretty fun. 

There had to be about 1,000 people which made the event so much better.  Men in prom dresses, weddings dresses, boutonnieres and corsages, it was like prom but so much better. 

Lauren had an amazing pannier bag and we loaded it up with some cocktails and beer.  Andy Lauren Adam Thatcher and I had a blast.  After our epic bike ride we ended the night with drinks and bad dancing at Pierpoint Park.   

Bike prom is the best idea ever.  Salt Lake City, this is about as close you get to public drinking and bending the rules and we had so much fun.  If you are in Utah, you need to put Bike Prom on your Must Do List! 


  1. This is Epic. I think Chester could pull it off... Wonder who I suggest that to?

  2. Love your dress!! Did you have to have a date? Did they provide food too or just drinks? Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you! We went as a big group so that was fun! They provided appetizers so there was a large range of desserts and apps! And drinks were a cash bar option (2$ Red Rock Special Draft option too!). There was also a food truck available for purchase. I will update the post with all this information thanks for the awesome questions! it was SO FUN!


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