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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Meditrina Salt Lake City, Utah: Small Plates and Wine Bar

 First off, let me admit.  I have never been a fan of "small plates".  Why? I don't know, I guess I just really love BIG plates.  I love having a yummy honkin plate of food in front of me to devour (Remember- this is why I run- mostly why).

I will say though, small plates are starting to grow on me.  I first gave them a shot here in Salt Lake City at Eva's downtown and was impressed.  The small plates were unique and fun to share.  My sister Ashley gave me a Living Social deal to a place called Meditrina, a Mediterranean restaurant about 5 minutes away that serves Small Plates and Wine.  With my busy life and love of cooking, I waited until  the day before it expired to use it, only to find out that Tuesday, the day I tried was the one exception due to "Endless Tapa" specials that day.

Okay, so we went back Wednesday instead and oh I will definitely be back for endless tapas.

Really delicious, but a little overpriced at $15 for that small amount of cheese and a few slices of bread. 

Heaven-  That sauce those onions those potatoes.... heaven.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture but blueberry and perfectly cooked charred octopus together.... my favorite dish of the night! 

All the food was absolutely delicious.  We were really excited to find out about "Endless Tapas Tuesday".  For 25$ you get endless tapas (with an extra charge only on the duck and octopus - which was my favorite!).  By all that yummy goodness for 25$ sounds like a steal I need to be a part of! Don't forget to look for their Living Social deal too, good for every night BUT Tuesday.  This would be a really great place to come with friends, especially on a Tuesday.  

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