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Welcome to the newest page on Katie Wanders - the kids page. 

Now that we have a little one in our life, I wanted to share how we travel and explore (with kids). Why this page? First off, you guys have been asking for it. I get a lot of questions centered on traveling, hiking, prepping, and basically maintaining my "pre-kid lifestyle" with the addition of a baby. This page is all about our life with a little one, and some guides on how to make the most of traveling, hiking, and wandering with little ones. It's all in the works but expect to see guides on day trips, overnights, hikes, abroad with a baby, and much more. 


Osprey Poco Plus Review

Travel Stroller Review

Reima Rain Gear 


Road Trip with a Toddler

On The Go - Baby In Tow - Day Trip Edition

Getting Outside in the Winter, with Kids!

Layering 101

Beaching with a Baby


The basics - our neutral nursery

Bringing Up Bébé - aka How to Now Lose Yourself in Motherhood And Other Important Things

Giving Our Kids a "Better Life"

Outdoorsy Parenting - "There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothing" (Book Review and Highlights)

Meal Prep and Freezer Stash 101

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