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Friday, September 4, 2015

Snowbird Oktoberfest

Happy Friday.  I hope everyone has exciting plans for the upcoming three day weekend.  If you don't (and you are in Utah) then I have just the thing for you.

Snowbird Oktoberfest 

What:  Snowbird's Okttoberfest was voted one of America's 10 Best Oktoberfests by Men's Journal Magazine. Snowbird's Annual Oktoberfest attracts over 60,000 visitors and has grown to become one of the largest festivals in Utah.
When:  The festivities run every Saturday and Sunday from Aug. 15 through Oct. 11, 2015, including Labor Day on Monday, Sept. 7.  The festival hours are from 12 pm - 6 pm.
Lodging:  There is even an option to make a weekend of the festivities with the Oktoberfest Getaway package:  Lodging, daily breakfast and unlimited Summer Activities from $95/night during Oktoberfest! Book
Parking:   Due to the overwhelming popularity of this event and limited parking at the resort, we strongly encourage guests to consider carpooling. To that end, during these event days, Snowbird will be charging $5 (cash-only) for parking in lots accessed via Entries 1, 2 and 4.  We found free on the road parking  but that was a little tight and a long walk.  

Admission:  Free admission into the event, food, beer and rides are for purchase.  

Family friendly?:  Yes! A lot of families, and kid friendly activities such as rides.  

Snowbird's Oktoberfest

Cars parked along the road for Snowbird's Oktoberfest

Snowbird's Oktoberfest

Walking in from the car, you could see all the festivities below.  There are a lot of kid friendly options at this event, making it a family affair believe it or not.  
Snowbird's Oktoberfest

Drinking a beer at Oktoberfest 

Beer "steins" at Oktberfest

The beer situation can be a little confusing if you don't know about it ahead of time.  Basically, you have to buy a mug.  You can pick from a variety of sizes/prices (see the figure below). After you purchased the mug, you just pay for refills.  They also had bottled beer and wine available.    Your options are:  

22 oz with a plastic mug at $12.50, with $7.50 for refills
25 oz. with a glass stein at $15.50 with  $7.50 for refills 
34 oz with a glass stein at $19.50 with  $9.75 for refills 

While this may seem expensive, you are getting a LARGE 22-34 oz beer  for $7.50 to $9.50.  We went for the 22 oz option because I had no where to store that gigantic 34 oz. stein. 

Once you buy the mug, you can have it refilled at any of the beer booths.  There were so many beer options (yes, including pumpkin).  The beer options were really a highly for this event.  After you purchase your mug, you get a refill card for future refills at the beginning of the line so the cashier doesn't recharge you for your mug. 

There are various food vendors around the event, and a large white tent full of German food.  We didn't end up getting any food because if I am being honest, nothing looked that great. Maybe I am just being picky, but if you head into the tent and order some food and want to prove me otherwise, please do.  I judge a place by its french fries and these looked sub-par I must say.   

Except for these waffles.  Not ordering a waffle is my biggest regret from the weekend. 

If you are bringing the family, there are tons of kid friendly activities.  But be warned, the prices for the rides and events are quite pricey.  

If drinking a cold beer in the sunshine of Snowbird sounds like a fun time, then this is a great weekend activity.  If you have kiddos, bring them along as there are a ton of kid friendly activities including face painting, rides, and activities.  

Although admission is free, the rides, food, and beer can be quite pricey.  While the food didn't really have me running to order some German food, the beer selection was awesome.  A ton of local breweries, and a great variety of awesome beer, including some great fall selections.  There is also live music at several different spots along the grounds.  Bring a blanket, and hang out with your beer with Snowbird as the backdrop.

Happy fall!  

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