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Monday, May 15, 2023

New York City - with Babies and Toddlers!


Taking Toddlers to NYC

Three months into having a new baby in the house, we were starting to go a bit stir crazy. The spring weather was giving us all the feels and we were ready to spend a weekend away with the kids, desperate for a change in our routine. We looked at AirBnbs in New Hampshire and Maine, toyed with the idea of Rhode Island, thought about heading back to the Berkshires, all until I had a great idea. New York City is a quick train ride away and the weather was perfect. Our train obsessed toddler would enjoy the ride and we could experience some of the best parts of the city on a springy weekend. Close enough for a single night away, far enough to feel like we truly "got away" and fun enough to entertain a toddler for the weekend. 

When I told a few people I was planning on taking the kids to New York City for the weekend, I got some looks and a few "you guys are crazy" comments. Let me start by saying one thing. Raising kids is hard no matter where you are, so you may as well change the scenery from time to time. Second, the city is far more toddler friendly than you may think if you plan it right. We were traveling with our 2 year old and 3 month old and while the night was rough as we expected, the trip was an overall success. Here are a few things that will make traveling with a toddler and a baby to the city a bit easier.