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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moab Weekend Video

I am single handedly trying to bring back the art of handwritten letters and video footage. 

 Well, not single handedly, but I feel like these lovely art forms are being lost in time.  We don't call, we don't write, we don't really film any more. And if we do, it is usually a snippet on our cell phone or a 15 second segment to fit on instagram.  A virtual card is nice, but a hand written one with a postage stamp is just so much better.   

After I got my GoPro last year, I have been on a mission to start capturing some of the little moments that make this life so grand.  As a keepsake for myself, and as a way to share these moments with family and friends.

Emi over at The Well Traveled Wife has been such an inspiration in documenting the beauty of day to day life and of extravagant vacations.  If you haven't seen her videos, prepare to have your mind blown when you watch her video from India HERE.  Emi and her husband film and put together the most amazing GoPro videos and I hope one day my videos are half as good as theirs! I also had to steal that song because it is just oh so good! 

But practice makes perfect so here is my little video of my weekend in Moab last month.    

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