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Friday, July 10, 2015

Lakes Country Trail Hike, High Uintas, Utah

Today we are talking about my hike out in the Uintas.  If you missed my general Uintas post, check it out here.

 I had these big plans to hike all over to Uinta's.  Well, the weather had other plans.  And you guessed it,  it was storms.  The last mile of this hike was in a complete downpour, but the views were worth the soggy sneakers.   I decided to hike the Lakes Country Trail so I could see some of the gorgeous High Altitude Lakes that make up the Uintas.

The Run Down

Trail head:  The Lakes Country Trail can be accessed via the Crystal Lake Trail Head, about 32 miles into the park.   

Parking:  This parking lot fills up very quickly.  There are a few over flow parking lots but they are a good distance away.  Get here early for a spot on the weekends. 

Distance:  This hike was 6 miles, but the original goal was to do the loop around the lakes, making it closer to seven.  We turned back due to the thunder heading our way.  

Dogs:  Yes! Uintas are dog friendly! 

Notes:  There were some steep sections in the beginning and you are at a pretty high altitude.  Take it slow and drink lots of water! Enjoy all the wild flowers on the trail.  Also, when you are crossing the rocky area, there is a small waterfall on the right, head down the rocks to see it. You will not have cell service anywhere in the Uintas.

Make sure you buy a map for the High Uintas-  you will not have service to check anything out on the trail.  Order a map off Amazon here 

My Route 

from UtahHikes.Net.  This route was about 9 miles but added on the extra trek to Island Lake. 

As you can see, this was a gorgeous hike to many different lakes and streams.  These lakes are signature Uintas and this pictures do not do them justice.  This trail was pretty empty, and you can really find solitude out in this wilderness.  No service, just forest and lakes.  


  1. Yeah I'm gonna have to visit Utah one day for sure. So many beautiful things to see

    Naomi in Wonderland

    1. When you are ready for some wilderness, VISIT UTAH! The Uintas are a must see for sure!

    2. When you are ready for some wilderness, VISIT UTAH! The Uintas are a must see for sure!

  2. I've lived here for how many years and have never been hiking in the Uintas?! I may have to do that one or day I'm not running. :)

    1. How have you never! its my Utah favorite- Head in there and tell me what you think!


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