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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Battle Creek Falls, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Hike # 5 in my waterfall tour!
Battle Creek Falls
Pleasant Grove, Utah

This is a very family friendly trail that leads to a double 50' waterfall.  The waterfall runs best in the spring, although it can be seen all year round.  The right fall was much weaker during this hike in September.

  This is really a great trail for a variety of user groups.  This trail is wide and was partial to mostly shaded at around noon.  There was also a stream all the way up to the falls, making this a great quick dog friendly hike.  When you get to the trail head, do not go straight over the bridge to Kiwanis Park.  Instead, take that right before the “bridge” at the parking lot to reach the trail.  

hen the trail begins to fork at about .70 miles, straight will be a steep incline to the top of the falls, while a right will take you to the bottom of the falls.  This is a great spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful views and cool waterfall spray.  This trail is also open to bikers and horses so be courteous and share the trail.  Vaulted toilets can be found in Kiwanis Park.  This is a very popular family friendly trail so expect to share the trail with a lot of families.  Make sure you stop and take in the view of Utah Lake across the way from the trailhead.

Trailhead:  At the end of 200 S (Battle Creek Drive) in Pleasant Grove Utah.  The trail is known as Battle Creek Trail.  There is a large parking lot at the end of the road with a map, doggie bags, waste station, and a park called Kilanis Park.  The trail heads to the right before the Kiwanis Park bridge.

Distance:  1.6 miles round trip - short hike!

Level:  Easy, short distance, small incline.  The section to the top of the falls will be steeper and on a rocky trail.  The trail gains about 450’.

Kids:  Yes, a lot of kids and families on this trail.

Dogs:  Yes! Dogs are allowed.

Fee:  No fee!


  1. Looks beautiful! And Yay for dog-friendly!

    1. It is beautiful! A little sad the other fall wasnt going, but so nice to find a dog friendly hike with water!

  2. you have added so many hikes and activities to my list in utah!! i love it!!! so glad you are living it up there :)


    1. I love that I found some stuff for your Utah list! Makes me feel like I am doing it right! I am loving exploring your state! SO glad I had your guides to start me off :)

  3. This was one of the first hikes I took when the hubby and I were first married. I was actually thinking about hiking it last weekend with the dogs - but we ended up hiking Rock Creek instead (if you like to rock climb that's a great area to do it too).


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