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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Red Butte Garden - Salt Lake City, Utah

  I hope you are all having a fantastic week.  It is quite warm here, 90s all week getting a little hotter each day until we reach 100 on Sunday.  Hot, 0% chance of rain....Perfect beach days, well you see, without the beach.  Well, there is no beach so lets talk about a garden.

A few weekends ago I went back to visit the gorgeous Red Butte Gardens.  Being a U of U student, I get free entry into the garden, so I love to stroll through the garden during the different seasons and enjoy the flowers.  

You can read and see the pictures from my September 2014 visit.  

Red Butte Garden
300 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
May 1-Aug 31: 9 am-9 pm*

Entrance Fee: 
Members: Free
Adults (ages 18-64): $10
Seniors (ages 65+): $8
Military w/ID: $8
Children (ages 3-17): $6
Children (under 3): Free
U of U Faculty/Staff: $8

U of U Students: Free with valid ID

This struck me as interesting when I first moved out here.  Rattle Snakes are a species I am NOT used to sharing my home with, and I often hear this is the best place to see them. 
Beware while walking!

The flowers in the garden were gorgeous in June.  Roses, wildflowers, succulents, they have just about everything in this garden. 

If you have a youngster, the children's garden is a great place to bring them on a hot summer day.  There are various activities for kids in the children's garden, along with water fountains they can play in.  This is a great spot to bring your kids on a hot summer day.  Hide out in the shade and play in the fountains. 

The gardens are themed and labeled quite nicely.  For example, you have the fragrance garden (the smell is amazing) the Medicinal garden, the wedding garden (roses and weddings), And various other gorgeous gardens. 

All along the garden, there are beautiful places to stop and enjoy the roses.  I have even seen a few couples with wine and cheese, sitting on the swinging benches enjoying the garden and an afternoon cocktail. 

There is also a gorgeous section where you can see the Red Butte Creek (beware of poison ivy) and sit by this beautiful little lake. 

We were lucky to see two families of ducklings who were the most adorable things ever.  You can buy some duck food out of a quarter machine and feeds these cuties right out of your hand.  Don't go without quarters!

Before heading back home, you stroll through the gorgeous Wedding Garden where of course, there was a wedding going on.  The roses are stunning and it looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to get married. 

Not only is this a beautiful garden for a leisurely stroll, but they also offer concerts at the amphitheater in the garden.  BYOB concerts where you bring dinner and a lawn chair, and enjoy singers like Henry Connick Jr. on a summer evening.  


  1. I'm getting married there next June and I'm so happy to see what it might look like! Thank you so much for posting this!

    1. Congratulations Shahara! It will be absolutely beautiful, especially the roses!

  2. I'm getting married there next June and I'm so happy to see what it might look like! Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. Hi Katie! I'd like to link to this blog in a post I'm working on. Is that cool w/ you? Sage

  4. Hi Sage! That would be fantastic. Thanks for checking in and reading!


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