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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall 5k s

There is so much to love about the month of October.  
Pumpkin flavored anything, foliage, cider, slutty costumes, cool nights, bonfires, and 5ks.  

Key to running (for me) is committing to races and running with a group.  To get back on track, I decided to do both on Saturday.  One of my good friends Stacie organized a group costume for the Ivoryton Read Local Run Local 5k.  

High School Track Team was the theme this year so out came the sweat bands and tube socks.   

Yes, those are side ponies you see? Maybe we were 80s track stars?

Olive came to cheer on the track team- And I had a good number- 60 !

  I was amazed at how hard the race felt.  I had run a half marathon just a month ago so I figured this 5k would be a breeze.  WRONG-  2 miles of the race were in the woods on trails which were hilly, steep, and rooty (is that even a word?). 

 By the time I hit that 3.1 mark I felt like I had been running for days- Thank god for those sweat bands-   Looks like I need to get in better shape...

The running may have felt a little tough and it wasn't my best 5k time, BUT we won the best group costume- third year in a row for Stacie! Thanks for a great race girls!

After receiving our lovely prize (books titled "Houses of Essex") I raced home threw Bradley on the horse trailer, and headed to Lyme for a lesson. 

 Per usual he was absolutely amazing.  My legs were a little tired from the 5k but we had a wonderful lesson regardless!!  Because I think im superwomen I continued to ride 3 more horses, and then drove home like a crazy women to change for the afternoons festivities. No rest for the wicked....

Chelsea, Christine, Thatcher, Chris, Bobby and I headed to Lyman Orchards for some ol' fashioned apple and pumpkin picking. It was a gorgeous day, 70 and sunny for October.

I was very excited and very posey-  Dont hate. 

We had such a good time and it was a good idea to keep on moving after putting my poor stems through a hilly 5k and riding four horses.  

The girls and I decided to schedule in some group night runs to keep us motivated and running.  Chelsea and I hit the pavement for an easy 4 miles on Monday night donned in our loserville reflective vests and headlamps.  Hoping I can keep motivated and commit a few more days to the run this week! Time to find an upcoming race to sign up for.

Happy Running 
Happy Fall! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sneakers, Tall boots, and Fins

I always find myself a little burnt out after a race.  This race was no exception.  Between horseback riding, scuba diving, and running that half, I had a pair of tired legs.  I got two dives in this week, rode 4 days this week and ran once.   Can you see where my dedication is lacking?  I decided to not worry about running this week and enjoy some of my other hobbies, diving and riding.

(I love love love lobsters :)

Thankfully riding and diving have proven themselves as a good workout and a nice alternative to running.  This weekend I found myself in Gloucester Massachusetts for a diving and drinking adventure.

Saturday morning I met my dive buddy Tom in East Lyme and we made the 3 hour (ish) drive to Gloucester MA.  The "big kids" were doing a boat dive for scallops while Tom and I did two shore dives.  The visibility was breathtaking, the sea life was abundant, and the water was FREEZING.

After the dive I headed back to the hotel room, took a hot shower, and got dressed for a night on the town.  A few beers and a lot of Jack Daniels later I was bouncing around the bar in denial of my early wake up call to make it back to CT for a horse show.  Such an amazing night with some amazing new friends led to a less amazing morning racing home to get back in time for my horse show, hang over in tow.

Now that fall is approaching and the temperature is dropping, horse showing and diving are slowing down.  That means it is time to boost my running schedule.  Winter is my favorite time of the year to run.  Anyone else love running when the thermometer drops below 50?