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Monday, November 9, 2015

Cafe Niche- Salt Lake City

No mater where I travel its all about the food. Delicious food in beautiful places is my love language. I think one of the best things about living downtown in a city, is that there is always a new restaurant to try. And there is always a great variety. This week, I was getting my widsom teeth out and decided to meet some friends for a "Last Supper" if you will. Yes, sort of dramatic but we decided to go out and great some great food, as this would be my last real meal for a few days while my jaw recovered. The last supper was at a spot I have been dying to try, Cafe Niche.

Cafe Niche is located just outside the busy downtown area. Cafe Niche is on 779 East 300 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is kind of nice that it is outside of the main busy area, as the area is quieter, and void of the homeless population.  Now, lets talk about the restaurant.  
"The food at Niche is about the freshest, simple ingredients, prepared with timeless and traditional technique. Everything from small plates to salads, entrees and desserts are approachable but with a creative Niche-style focus. We select with care each and every ingredient as the perfect fit and flavor for a particular plate.

While the menu is simple, diners have a lot of choices here. At Niche, you start your meal with the vegetable. Niche is known for creative, affordable small plates where vegetables are the star. We allow for mixing, matching, sharing and a unique experience every time.

Fresh isn't just a catch phrase at Niche. We have sustainably sourced fish flown in every day. Wasatch-front farmers deliver produce daily and our chefs shop farmers markets for even more seasonal produce. Cage-free eggs and farmstead cheeses are sourced locally for the best flavor. Bread and pastries are baked locally and delivered daily. Even local and regional cuts of meat are sourced for the highest quality, taste and freshness. Niche believes that this is just part of 'doing things right.' Niche offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Our daily specials include both local vegetable small plates that change with seasonality, and sashimi grade fish that is flown in daily. Our fish is not only the highest quality, but selected with care from day boats for freshness and sustainable practices."

The menu was classic American with a twist. Classic comfort dishes you crave, boosted up a notch or twisted in some kind of way. Small plates, and a variety of larger plates focusing on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. BUT, the best part? They serve breakfast ALL day. 

There was also a fun drink menu and I opted for the Campari Shandy. Campari liquor (bitter), lime, and 801 pilsner. This was fun, tasty and easy to drink. Check out their cocktail menu here. The breakfast looked amazing. Irish coffee french toast, Croque Madame sandwiche, Kobe beef corned hash, and so much more. All fairly priced between $8-$13. They also had a large and delicious selection of sandwiches and salads. But this was my last meal, and I saw the mac and cheese and had to have it. 

This wasn't any old mac and cheese. This was mac and cheese, with large CHUNKS of corned beef, topped with the perfect bread crumb crust. If there was ever a perfect "Last Supper" this was it. This creamy mac and cheese with the salty chunks of corned beef was heaven in a small bowl. I also absolutely loved the niche apple slaw, apples fennel onion in a light vinagrette paired perfectly with this mac and cheese. Best meal I have had in a long time, and only priced at $17. 

Amanda had the pasta primavera which she said was absolutely delicious as well (but everyone was lightly jealous over my mac and cheese.. can you blame them?). The pasta primavera came with fresh pasta, and delicious veggies, in a light cream sauce, and was topped with home made ricotta. It was a great plate of pasta priced at $17. 

Thatcher had the Lamb tenderloin, marinated in ladelomono, served with roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach. Another delicious and hearty plate, priced at $21. 

We were all really happy with the portions, the amazing flavor, and the prices of dinner. There were so many great options and it was hard to choose. I am so happy I went with the mac and cheese, but can't wait to go and try their other menu items. You can check out the full menu here. 

We couldn't leave without ordering the french toast. No, it wasn't technically desert, as it was on the breakfast menu, but I think it is safe to say this is the absolutely best way to end any meal. Baileys battered challah bread, dipped in espresso with whipped cream, whisky caramel, espresso syrup, and chocolate shavings. This was absolute heaven and believe it or not, it tasted even better than it sounds and looks. This is a must order item for any trip to cafe Niche. At 11$ and a good size, it was perfect so share with three people, and an excellent way to end a great meal at Cafe Niche.

I gave my meal a 5 out of 5. From the fun twists on all the menu items, to the great prices, and the casual atmosphere. Cafe Niche is an excellent option for any meal when visiting Salt Lake City. My only complaint is that the restaurant was quite empty on a Tuesday night at 7:00. However, that means no reservations needed, and no wait. They are on Open Table if you want to book a reservation anyway to get your points. Thank you Cafe Niche for an amazing meal, and for french toast that was out of this world. We will be back!

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