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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Stowe Recreation Path - Stowe, Vermont

In my many travels to Stowe to ski in the winter or hike in the summer, I heard about the famous "Stowe Recreation Path".   Supposedly, it was this 5.5-mile long magical path that takes you through downtown Stowe, past various breweries, cideries, restaurants, stores, and parks.  A path that takes you over the sweetest footbridges crossing the West Branch Stream ten times, past crystal clear swimming holes, local farms, Stowe's awesome farmer's markets and some of the town's most famous sights.  What better way to see Stowe than on foot, or better yet, on bike?  

Bridges on the Recreation Path

On a sunny Sunday after spending my Saturday mountain biking in Kingdom Trails, that is exactly what I did.  I grabbed my bike, put some tired seat bones in that tiny bike saddle, and started at the southern end of the bike path downtown by the church.  The bike path allows you to get around town while also staying off busy winding roads full of drivers who aren't always paying attention. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Stowe Cider - Stowe, Vermont

For my day in Stowe, I had a few things I wanted to do.  I really wanted to ride the Stowe Recreation Path and stumble into a new (to me) brewery or two while wandering around beautiful Vermont.  Thankfully, the Stowe Rec Path makes this quite easy.  It was distracting how easy it was to jump off the bike path and stumble into a brewery here or there, well, just about everywhere.  I pedaled past Idletyme as I had already spent some time there during my last trip to Stowe.  But when I saw Stowe Cider, I made a hard right turn on my bicycle and strode into the cidery, bike shoes clipping on the pavement and helmet in hand.  Maybe at home this would be an unusual sight but here in Stowe, I was just another girl who needed a beer while wandering down the rec path. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Stowe Pinnacle Hike, Vermont

I love fall and damn do I love Vermont.    So yes, you guessed it, I really really love fall in Vermont.  

There is something about the colors here, the sweeping panoramic views, the green mountains marking the horizon, and of course, the terrific outdoorsy people.  There is so much charm and color wrapped into one beautiful state that it is simply impossible to visit Vermont and not fall in love, especially between the months of September and October.  Its one of those towns you visit and you say "yep, I could live here" and then you spend the next five years looking at real estate listings for properties you can't afford. Guilty as charged. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Guide to Castle Country

So you want to explore Castle Country, that area between Salt Lake and Moab that is a hidden gem.  An area where you can hike, bike, climb, ride ATVs, watch stock car races, walk through quaint a Main Street, buy art, shop, and dine.  All very dog friendly, affordable area and all without the crowds.  If this sounds like your kind of weekend, then Castle Country is perfect for you.   An area that was dubbed a layover between the city and Moab's red rock is so much more than a pitstop.  It's a fantastic place to spend the weekend exploring historic towns with so many recreation opportunities.  So to all my Salt Lake City friends, who want to explore a new part of Utah just two hours south of the city, this post is for you. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Visiting Historic Helper, Carbon County Utah

When you walk down the main drag of an old western town, you can't help but feel like you've been transported back in time.  The little "city" of Helper, next door to Price where I had been playing and staying for this trip, was just that type of town.   Walking down this quiet Main Street on a Monday afternoon, I had my eyes peeled for a tumbleweed or two blowing across the road to really set the scene.  You take in the quiet, you relax a little, time sloooooows down.  

Maybe you came for the history, or perhaps you came for the art.  Maybe you are one of those Moab Layover types who "always wondered what was in Helper".  This city once known for its railroad and mining industry, has created its own unique and updated identity.  To me, Helper, Utah is a mix of Banff's iconic Main Street mountain view (desert edition) mixed with some Park City sidewalk style, a blend of old mining and railroad history, and then throw in a whole lot of Route 66 style.  Read on to see exactly what I am talking about.