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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cleaning Up The Track

Back when I went to Lyme Old Lyme High School four scores and 7 years ago, we did not have a track... well....unless you could call a rocky path enclosing the sad excuse for a field, a track.  Not only did our indoor track team not have an indoor track, but we really didn't have an outdoor track.  We spent our workouts on the pavement, concrete halls, Johnny Cake Hill, and even the occasional jog through the grave yard.

When I went to the new track to run for the first time,  I could not believe my eyes--- it looked like the kind of track a town with such high taxes should have....... It is beautiful... and huge... and soft.. and cushy... and covered in garbage.  Yep from Mcdonalds wrappers to water bottles, you name it.

I took Olive to the track with me to do a nice flat cushioned run on the track to help my tired half marathon legs heal from Saturday.  I decided to let Olive run around loose while I ran a casual 4 miles.  Every mile Olive collected a new piece of garbage....

The grand total that Olive picked up was 4 plastic water bottles.

Unless your well water is toxic ( it happens- that's actually my job)  then you shouldn't be spending your money on bottled water just to leave the remnants on the field after practice.

its 2012.... who doesn't have a reusable?  Of course I do :) Even Olive has one...

Moral of the story:  Tracks are awesome for an easy flat workout, Get your butts running for Ragnar, and Recycle :) 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

43 Days to get your butts in gear....

Thats it- just 43 days people!  Hope everyones hitting the pavement a few times a week.

We still have some loose details to clear up:

Team 2 Van 2:  Need a van!  Sadie any updates??  Also- Jill will not be 100% sure until that WEEK so if anyone knows some one who wants to be a last minute sub LET ME KNOW!

Website:  Not all of you have made a profile on the website- Make a profile, and sign the waiver so Marissa and I can assign you to your appropriate leg.  You need to put in your pace so I can get a team average and request a start time.  If we do not get an early enough start time... we miss all the good free beer.. just saying.....Let me know if you need another invite to our team via email

Double Days:  I HIGHLY recommend scheduling 2 runs in 1 day to mimic the painful reality of Ragnar-  I will be starting my training of back to back 9 mile runs... gulp.....

T Shirts:  I will get the details but I will need to start collecting t shirt sizes soon

MONEY:  I will need to start collecting money soon- last chance for any last minute sponsors.......

Sponsors: If you have a sponsor make sure Thatcher has their check.. and Frank has their logo- Possibly in "vector" format?

HOTELS:  Technically, only van 1 runners from each team will need a hotel-  Van 1 starts the race early am (probably 8am) where as van 2 takes over probably at around 12, leaving van 2 times to drive to Boston Friday am.  Van 1 should grab a hotel the night before as they will probably start around 8 am- Marissa is looking into that-  If people from van 2 want to get down there the night before we can schedule a pasta dinner of some sort--- may be hard with 24 people but if thats what the crowd wants well make it happen.

GEAR:  We will need to start collecting the required gear...
Each van will need:  2 safety reflective vests... 2 tail lights... 2 head lamps


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

13.13 Miles

One more off the bucket list- I ran my first half marathon in West Haven Saturday with Miss Jillian Murphy.  Thanks to Jill, we were able to grab our packets the day before, where I found out I was runner number 1- what luck!

  The weather was perfect, cool and sunny with a good breeze.  We were told the course was 4 miles flat, 5 miles of rolling hills, and 4 miles flat again- sounded fair.  The scenery was decent, we finally made it through the por-o-pottie line, and we headed to the start line... the front of the start line.  As I am surrounded by professionals Jill gives me some last minute advice... Stay Right.  Stay Right I did as runners with 7 minute miles flew past me, faithfully sticking to 9:30 miles.  The first few miles went by quick and easy and then the "rolling hills" came along.  Let me start by saying there was nothing ROLLING about these hills.  They went up, and up, and up, and turned a corner, and went up, only to provide a sharp and immediate downhill at the end of the five miles, that truthfully hurt almost as much as the uphill.

(This was the start of the hills that never ended)

I continued on, and at mile 8.5 I decided to refuel with some goo.  When they say never try something new on race day- they are right.  One mouthfull of that "vanilla goo" which tasted and looked like vanilla frosting nearly resulted in some new lawn decor for the West Haven residents.  I spent the next few miles trying to spit out the remaining taste of frosting- NEVER again.

By the time I saw mile 11, I decided I would probably never run a marathon- not a fair statement because I had just run 11 miles, 5 of brutal hills, and nearly threw up....but my body had enough and the last 2 miles felt like a marathon in itself.  By the time I hit mile 12 I wanted to scream in excitement.

The last mile was flat (thank god) but brutal- I had to keep telling myself, One Foot In Front Of The Other.  Every time I turned a corner I thought - Okay it has to end this had to be the end, nope, another long stretch, and another turn, and finally... the finish line.  Being runner number 1 I was greeted by a crowd which was an exciting finish.  I was also greeted with a metal, some warm clothes, and coconut water, thanks to Jill.  Jill ran her hardest and fasted 1/2 marathon with a time of 1:46 while I ran my first with a time of 2:07.  

While I am pretty happy with my finish, the competitive edge in me wants to take 10 minutes off that time.  I am on the watch for another local half marathon for the redemption of the West Haven hills.  I guess they are right, while your are running the race you swear never again.  The next day you are planning your next race.  


Shortly after this photo we went inside to treat ourselves to some water and snacks, stopping one last time at the results board.  We hopped in the car, grabbed a coffee and popped a few extra strength Tylenol- When I got home, I did what any girl would do, threw myself on the couch,  turned on the tv, rolled up my compression socks, and ordered a pizza.  

No rest for the wicked though, 1/2 marathon training is over but Ragnar training has to start immediately-  I have the hardest legs, 9.5, 9, and 6 miles.  Time to start running "double days" with back to back nines... gulp.....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Race Paces and Game Faces

Congrats to all the runners who ran the Leprechaun 5 Miler Sunday, especially our Ragnar team mates Jill, Eric, Jayme, Vanessa, Stacie and Thatcher.  This was Thatchers first road race and Jill had a chance to meet some of our other Ragnar Team Mates... especially when Eric snuck up on her at the finish line :)  BUT you both had the EXACT same race time - way to go kids!

Signing up for local road races has been a great way for me to find a "race pace" and to keep motivated to my running schedule.  I highly reccomend everyone picking a few local races- great way to donate to some amazing charities as well as keep you motivated for the upcoming Ragnar.

Tomorrow is my second road race this month......Jill an I are running the Savin Rock Half Marathon.... My first 1/2, and Jill has run several FULL marathons.  Results and pictures to follow!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leprechaun 5 Miler

Its official.  Thatcher and I signed up for the Leprechaun 5 Miler.
  The race is Sunday, March 18th at 11am in Madison.  
Stacie will be there and it looks like Jill will be as well-
 hoping to see a bunch of Ragnarians out there!  
5 mile run with beer and chowder after-  
I am sold! 
Great race for "race practice" the week before my Half Marathon ;) 

If you still aren't convinced- 
60's all week with 60 and sunny on race day.  
Spots are filling fast so sign up.  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Six Mile Saturday, Take A Hike!

Six Mile Saturday was a success! 

 Brian, Stacie, Thatcher and I headed to Rocky Neck State Park for a 6 mile run.  Earlier that day, Courtney and I took the dogs for a 2 hour hike through the Devil's Hopyard, I rode my horse and went to Soundrunner... it was a productive day!


Hiking was a good way to Cross Train-  if anyone is looking for some good hiking- The Hopyard has a good incline, great hiking, and gorgeous views.  

At Soundrunner, Thatcher decided it was time to buy his third, yes third pair of running sneakers along with a few other essentials.  

This is a Ragnar essential, especially for those long legs.  Thatcher can no longer use chaffing as an excuse to cut our longer runs short :) He also got some quality moisture swicking undies- another good Ragnar purchase !


Sweaty Bands!  Keeps those flyaway hairs out of my race - and it's adorable!

Brooks Pure Flow Sneakers-  Thatcher gave good ratings if anyone is looking for a good transition shoe from cushion to a barefoot style running.

After we stocked up on our running gear, we headed to Rocky Neck State parkfor our run.  I love Rocky Neck because it is ideal for running- State park- flat paved road ( I am too clumsy for trail running ),  Minimal traffic, and I will mention again... its flat terrain.  Oh and the view is awesome. 

It was great to get some of the team together and getting to know some team mates.  Hoping we can get more of team Caped Cod Fish on the next group run.

Happy Running!

Friday, March 9, 2012

To Stretch... Or Not To Stretch.....

Last week I decided to flip open my Womens Running magazine to take my eyes off the computer screen and take a break from work.  While flipping through the articles, I stumbled on an article labeled "Running Myths Busted".  The title sounded interesting enough.  When I flipped to page 16, I couldn't believe what I read....

"Myth 3-  Runner should stretch daily: Research shoes that the only benefit of stretching is to increase your flexibility. There is no evidence that stretching will ward off injury or improve your speed.  If you stretch before you run, this may actually have a negative impact on performance.  Runners who want to increase their flexibility should stretch only after running, or even better, completely apart from their running workout".  

This goes against EVERYTHING we were ever taught about running!! Now Stretching is bad?!?  We were told stretch before, stretch after, injury prevention, help your muscles during your run. improve your speed... and now we decided its all bogus?  I had these same feelings the day I found out Santa Clause wasn't real... anyone else as confused as I am?  After sitting in that van for 3+ hours... I am going to want to stretch before I start running 9 miles... but apparently it will not make a difference? I am going to call this one BS.

Other running myths busted?  Take a look:  


What will the next traditional running idea gone wrong be?