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Monday, March 4, 2013

What a weekend......

Some weekends are the relaxing type.  
The  "stay in your PJs, TLC marathons with a pint of Phish Food" type.
This one was not one of those weekends.  

Friday after work, my father and I were on our way back from looking at a Duplex for sale in Groton (That is a whole different post).  Excitement over real estate options left me ignoring my speedometer and shortly there after.... on the side of the road with the famous red white and blue lights flashing behind me.  

Hello officer...
 License and registration?  
No problem right here.... 
My registration is expired?  
And has been for almost two years?   
This copy of my insurance is expired?  
And I was going 13 over the speed limit?  

Happy Friday to me. 

Let me start by saying I have a good driving record.  I have been pulled over twice in my life... and its been a few years since those infractions.  Also, I do all of my car insurance stuff online (autopay baby)  so I constantly forget to print an updated insurance card to put in my car.  

My next point of contention?  I had NO idea my car was no longer registered.  Call me dumb... but I thought you register your car when you bought it.. and that's it!  Boy was I wrong... Oh and those letters from the town hall?  I should have opened those because I apparently owe two years of car tax to the Town of Old Lyme.  If you don't pay your car taxes the DMV takes away your registration.  Oh and they only send you one notice to notify you of this.  And when you move out of your parents house and into your own apartment you are lucky if you get half of your mail.  

After about 30 minutes of pleading and begging, 
(He was going to have me towed 3 miles from my parents house) 
I was allowed to  drive Andy the Armada to my parents house with a written warning, a ticket, and a slap on the wrist. 
 Oh and lots of stress and a lack of a vehicle for a while.
I am really lucky he didn't rip my plates off and tow my car, but the situation still stinks. 

Lesson 1 of the weekend learned-  
Be an adult and keep up on these adult like things. 
Time for a long run to de-stress after a hellish Friday afternoon.

I was dreading I mean the calendar reminded me that Saturday was my 14 mile run. 

 And an awful one it was.  
Like... want to cry, considered crawling the last mile awful. 

  Let me start with my excuses/reasons:

*  This was my longest run ever and scheduled just a week after my half marathon and PR.  The hills were brutal and I don't think my legs were fully recovered from my half.

*  HILLS  - while our route was pretty it was never ending constant hills... with the worst hill coming up in the first quarter mile.  I run hills and I am used to them, but I think for my long runs I need a flatter route. 

This was our "Tour De Chester"  It was sad when I passed my favorite restaurant and saw everyone eating through the window.  WAH.

*  Not enough fuel:  I ate breakfast (2 eggs and toast) around 7:30, had a handful of trail mix at 11:00, and ran at 11:30.  I did not fuel properly because I felt like I was running on empty the entire time and the GU I took to compensate only made things worse. 

* Tried a new GU:  I know they say "never try something new" on race day... but never try it on your long runs either.   I thought this would make up for my lack of fuel but this really upset my stomach.  I struggled with stomach issues from mile 8 to 14.  I wont go into details but it was extremely painful and turned my last 5 miles into torture. This was my first time ever having stomach issues during a run so I think its fair to blame the Gu (and a lack of proper hydration).

* Hydration:  I went out for 14 miles and did not bring any water with me.  Looking back I know that was really stupid and probably the basis for all of my issues.  I really hate carrying anything while running so I guess it's time to invest in a camel bak.  I already have olive's running belt around my waste so I am going to look into the bag pack/camel bak options.  

That 14 miler was the hardest thing I have done (mentally and physically) in a very long time.  How did 13.1 feel so good and 14 feel like torture?  I guess because of all of the above reasons.  

 Lessons learned:  
Hydrate and better prep for these long runs
 so I can enjoy them instead of dread them.  

My last bad decision of the weekend was to go to the grocery store RIGHT after my run.  
My brain and my eyes wanted carbs carbs carbs.  
Garlic ciabatta, tater tots, strawberry short cake, bacon cheese and advil. 
Yes that really happened. 

Post run lunch? 
 Spinach and ham panini with tater tots.  
Not the healthiest option but the RUNGER (run hunger- thanks Sarah for that one)  took over.  My healthy eating kind of goes out the window on the weekends.  I really need to fix this. 

I spent the rest of Saturday relaxing on the couch, reflecting on my awful awful run.  I was really bummed and feeling so defeated.  If 14 miles was that hard how am I ever going to run a marathon?  I tried to not get too down on myself and I think its fair to say I learned from my mistakes.  

Sunday morning came with some sore legs so I woke up early and took my Olive and my sisters great dane for a walk.  
 The starbucks located a mile and a half away.  .

The pups got some exercise,
my poor legs got moving
and I got my skinny vanilla late.  
Life is good again.
Until the weekend's 15 miler.....

Anyone use a camel bak while running and what brand/size do you recommend?

What do you do to prepare for longs runs?

How do you get past those really bad runs?

Happy Ranting and Recovering,



  1. Bacon cheese, how funny! I have never heard of such a thing.

    xo Kristen

  2. I use a hydration belt. It carries 2 flasks that hold, I think 10oz each. Works great for me. 14 miles is the longest I've ever gone too, but I've got 15 on tap for this weekend! I ran first thing in the morning and for anything over 13, I'll eat about a 1/2 a banana with a little pb on it about 20-30 min before I start running. For anything under that, I dont eat anything. I wonder if part of the reason your tummy bothered you too, is because you didnt take water with your gel, I've heard that can cause issues...?

  3. Good luck with your 15 miler! Thats exciting! I bet the lack of water was the issue..... I should read those instructions huh. I am really skeptical about the hydration belt because I already wear a belt for my dog and would hate water bouncing around my waist. I think I am going to look into a bag pack option. Thanks for the advice and cant wait to catch up on your blog!


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