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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liebster Award!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an amazing blog and one of my new favorites... 
Maureen's Breaking Free and Finding me.  
Her "About Me" story really grabbed me 
and her blog posts kept me coming back for more.  

I was super excited when Maureen nominated me for the Liebster Award.  

The Liebster Award is a way for some of us "less known" bloggers 
to get our names out there.  

A Brief explanation of the Award taken from Maureens blog.  

1. This award is given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
2. The award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word and support one another.
3.  Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
4. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
5. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
6. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
7. No tag backs (aka, don’t nominate the person who nominated you).
Maureens questions 

1. What is your ideal day of eats? 
 Breakfast:  Hasbrowns fruit toast and eggs. 
Lunch:  Sandwich and hand cut fries  
Dinner:  a HUGE serving of pasta and vodka sauce.  
Dessert:  Hot fudge brownie sunday.  
Anyone else drooling?

2. What is your favorite type of exercise?
Horseback riding and hiking with my pup 

3. If you met a genie and was granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
Lots of money, to forever be skinny/fit, to always be happy. 
4. What is your favorite season, and why?
Summer!!! Tans, dresses, longer days, cool nights, swimming, diving, beaches. 
5. What is your favorite television show?
Glee and SVU- so different so good. 
6. Have you ever met a celebrity?
No but send Bradley Cooper or Gerard Butler my way..
7. What is your favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere warm... with a swim up bar
8. If you could live in any time period in history, what would it be, and why?
The 80s!  I love big hair and Neon.  Or the era where they wore bustiers and did those really cool organized group dances..
9. Describe your first date
I can't remember my first date exactly... but my first real romance was in high school with a Blonde haired Blue eyed soccer player who loved me more than life.  It was that kind of un-realistic suffocating teenage love that rarely lasts.  He lives in Florida with his wife and two kids now. 
10. if you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
My dog, potatoes, and a good bikini...  desert island or not I need something cute to wear. 
11. Can you play any musical instruments?
My father dropped out of high school to join a Portuguese boy band with his brothers (hope you are laughing...).  He played the keyboard. Naturally my sister and I were forced to take piano lessons.  I also attempted to play the clarinet.

11 Random Facts About Me:
1.  I Hate Olives.... yet... my Dogs name is Olive.  I did not name her and she is the only exception :) 

2.  I have no middle name.  I am 1 of 4 kids in my family.... the second oldest... and the only one without a middle name.  Do my parents hate me that much?  I hope not... they claimed they were going to name me Katie with my middle name Lynn.  They decided to combine them together to form Katelyn (my real name) and I guess didn't feel like giving me a middle name.  I have gotten over it.. sort of...

3.  I wanted to be a dolphin trainer growing up.  After interning at an aquarium, I decided shoveling poop and cutting fish for 10 dollars an hour wasn't going to work out. 

4.  I had my first kiss on a trampoline.

5.   I never carry purses.  What do I need besides my phone and my wallet?

6.  I ran track in high school but my longest distance was a lap around the track.  I am now training for my first marathon. 

7.  I am first generation:  Both of my parents were born in the Azores... A chain of islands in the Atlantic owned by Portugal 

8.  I currently live in a town that was once rated as the best small town in America. 

9.  I love Billy Joel.  Nothing says New England Summer like playing the "Downeaster Alexa" on a hot summer day.

10.    My bedroom constantly gets as low as 48 degrees at night.  1800s farm house is poorly insulated and the heat doesn't always work in my house. 

11.  I love quotes.  Does anyone miss those days where it was cool to leave quotes as your Away Message on AIM?


My Questions

  1.  Cat or Dog person? and Why?

2.  What was the most embarrassing AIM Screenname or Email address you every created ?

3.  What is your favorite Billy Joel song?

4.  Where was your first kiss?  

5.  If you could make a FROYO flavor what would it be?

6.  What was your favorite job, or what would your dream job be?

7.  Siracha, Chicken and Waffles, or Cheesy Garlic Bread potato chips?  

8.  Favorite Quote or song lyrics?

9.  What was the name of your first pet?

10.  Were you a tomboy or a glitzy girl?

11.  What was your biggest baking or cooking fail? 

My Nominees:

Allison @ Nurse In Rainboots

Can't wait to learn more about you all! 


  1. You're so sweet! Thank you for the kind words :) I love your answers btw! Your ideal day of eats is making me drool! :) Glee is also one of my favorites and any day that Gerard Butler or Bradley Cooper wanna spend some time with me, I'll be ready and waiting ;)

  2. WOW I cant believe you sleep with it so cold!!!
    Thanks for nominating me =) I'm enjoying reading the blogs of youre other nominees too =)

  3. YIKES! Thanks for the nomination!!! Flattered. Love your blog.


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