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Friday, March 29, 2013

Breakups, Bonaire, and Bikini Bodies

While we all have our reasons for "why we run"  
I have to say my biggest reason is a little superficial.
I run to work toward that fit and fabulous bikini body.  

I hope we can all remember a time where we were happy and confident about ourselves and the way we looked.  For me, this picture below was probably the happiest I have been with my body and my weight and serves as my goal "image" to get back to.  And I want to do it in the healthiest way possible: through a healthy diet and a lot of exercise.


This picture was taken during a Carnival Cruise in the Bahamas circa 2009.  My parents gave my sister a cruise as a graduation gift, and sent me along with her as a pity gift for getting dumped and to keep her company.    
I would like to say to keep her out of trouble but we all know it is the other way around...... 

I had just gotten dumped after a 2.5 year tumultuous college relationship.  I was infatuated and "so in love" and so very heartbroken when it came to an end.  It takes a while to get over that kind of heard ache... the kind where you feel so helpless and lonely, and feeling like things may never get better.  Of course I got over it and moved on but I did not do it the healthiest way.  I spent a lot of time wallowing in bed watching P.S. I Love You on repeat and not a lot of time of eating or doing much of anything else.  Sadly that break up might be why I look so good in this picture. My parents decided to get me out of my funk after they realized they couldn't even bribe me out of bed with french fries.  
There are very few things in this world I love more than french fries.....

This is my sister Ashley and I with our ""cruise boyfriends"  Mr. Firefighter and Mr. Pilot.  Some good looking men, warm weather and stiff drinks was all the coaxing I needed.  And meeting a very sexy helicopter pilot (featured on the right- look at those abs..)  helps any single gal get over an ex
Hold on while I wipe the drool off my keyboard....


I am trying to get back to that "happy weight" through a healthier diet and lots of exercise.  While I want to be healthy overall and long term, it is nice to have some other forms of motivation.  For me it has been a week long dive trip with some great friends on a little island called Bonaire, located next to Aruba and off the coast of Venezuela.  

I took my basic open water scuba diving class in June and made some amazing friends in the process.  They quickly became my dive buddies and diving 'security blanket" if you will.   We continued to dive (and drink) together and talked about planning a winter/spring trip.  When they planned an inexpensive trip to "Diver's Paradise"  AKA tropical Bonaire I couldn't say no.  

These are the amazing people I met through my new hobby and adventures.  

We are staying at Buddies Dive Resort, a beautiful resort (with a swim up bar!)  that has all inclusive diving and is right on the crystal clear coastline.  As much as I love diving, I love relaxing on a beach or reading in the shade just as much :)  I am hoping this trip is a perfect mix of relaxing and diving. 

Temperatures will be in the high 80's which sounds so fantastic after a long and cold winter.  I have heard the weather is similar to Aruba which I  is AMAZING.  Sunny and breeze every day.  We are going in the "travel off season"  so we got a great deal on the trip. 
April 20-27 I will be enjoying these views! 


The diving is going to be out of this world- and I am so lucky to relax, dive, and share this experience with great friends.  Whenever I am not in the mood to workout I remind myself BONAIRE!  Whenever I think I can't push another mile I tell myself... BONAIRE!
8 lbs down and 21 days to go!   

Motivation is key, in any way shape or form
21 Days until I am swimming in these beautiful waters and relaxing on a beach with a book and a beverage :)

Any fun trips planned?
What motivates you?


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