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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Groupon purchased and BAM 
the next day I was at the Fitness Factory 
to partake in my first fitness class in a very long time. 

 I have heard many great things about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 
So I was super excited to see it on the schedule for Wednesdays at 6:30.  

If you want to read about the benefits of HIIT check out the Fitnessista's post here.

I decided that a half hour of HIIT wasn't going to be enough before I even started, so I went home to ride my horse and took Olive for a 2 mile run as a "warm up".  
Boy was I wrong... a half hour is more than enough. 

All smiles on my way to class 

What I learned:

with this crazy torture/hate/burning/sweaty kind of love.  
The class is only a half hour long but you -d o  n o t   s t o p-  and every workout just seems harder than the next.  Just when you think you can't squat any more... you are squatting with weights.  When you think you can't do another push up, you are doing push ups with shoulder taps.   The class was 80 % squats so I better have a fine behind sooner than later.  
This broad was crazy but my sore muscles love her for it. 

The half hour went by really quick but I tried to jot down some of the "moves" we did.  No these are not the proper names... No I can't really explain them... but you get the idea.  

And of COURSE I wore Hot Pink shorts with lime green compression socks :)
The workouts (what I can remember)
Step ups on our step (2 blocks raised)
squat jumps using the step
bench dips
push ups
push ups with 1 arm taps
lunges with bar
side lunges
lunge up on bench with knee raise
toe taps off the step
wood chops
bicycle (abs)
leg up crunches with disc
mountain climbers
squat thrusts with disc
side squats on bench

The moves were really easy to follow, and the instructor was up on a stage with a great mic and AWESOME jams.  I wonder if I can bribe her with candy bars to give me that CD.
 Probably not she was jacked. 
And apparently the owner.

(The Factory and the Stage)

The Fitness Factory is not your average gym... In fact its not even a gym.  It is simply a big warehouse space that has a room for your belongings, a mini daycare, and a big empty warehouse space where you sweat your ass off.  She opened up the garage doors which made the class even more awesome. Fresh cold air instead of stuffy dry gym air.  

The class was a great full body workout and I can't wait to go back.  The class was full of different shapes and sizes (and even a man!).  She had modifications if you were struggling, and was really encouraging.  She called us minions her "team" which I thought was pretty cute.  I was sore by the time I got home... and REALLY sore this morning.  
Especially my "arm pit muscles" oddly enough. 

Can't wait for my next class.
I am hooked!

Ever taken a HIIT class? 
What are your thoughts?

Happy HIITing,
Katie :)

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