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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am now one of those people......

Today marked my fourth half marathon, 
as well as 16 miles on the marathon training schedule.  

As we all know prepping for the race is just as important as the race day itself.  I started off Friday (day before the race) with a ham egg and spinach sandwich.  I chugged about 3 cups of coffee and tried to chase it with water to stay hydrated.  Lunch was a chicken Cobb salad at the Griswold Inn with a Guinness and a few glasses of water. Lunch Dessert was a black bean gluten free brownie I have been wanting to try.  It was choclatey and rich without being too sweet and too rich.

After lunch I did a little bit of shopping and bought Olive a new neon orange collar and reflective vest. Black dog running on black asphalt is hard to see so this should help.  She looks so cute and it feeds into my obsession with Neon.  
It will also be great for hiking in the woods. 

By the time I ran my errands, headed back to work, and returned home I saw my new camel bak waiting for me :) 
It would be a little risky to use it tomorrow so I will save it for another race.
Can't wait to try it out on short run.

I ended the day with a trip to the state's capital to watch the New England Whales hockey team beat the Hershey Bears.  I had a two beers (carb loading?) at the game- 2$ drafts and 1$ hot dogs?  Girl can't say no.  Well , I said no to the hot dogs- they were questionable and I didn't want dollar hot dogs to ruin my stomach and my race.  I substituted a grilled salmon sandwich with sweet potato fries for dinner.


I was in bed by midnight and up by 5 to get in a run before my run.  
Being a slacker for most of my running life, I always laughed at those people running BEFORE the start of a race, or running to and from races.  
Warm up? 
What a waste of energy.  
13.1 isn't long enough so you are going to keep running?  
Over achiever   
Well today, I became the person I made fun of.  
The pre run runnner. 

What's next... am I going to turn into my mother?

I was at 16 miles for my marathon training schedule, but had also signed up for this half marathon to break my 2 hour time goal for 13.1  After getting my sub 2 hour half marathon during the Colchester half marathon last month, I decided to run 3 miles before and treat this is a 16 mile training run for my marathon training (with Gu, Gatorade, water and motivation along the way!)

The course was gorgeous, 
4 miles flat along the water, 
5 miles residential rolling hills, 
4 miles flat on the water again. 

I got there at about 7:10 to stretch, sign in, use the bathroom, and get my 3 miles in before the start at 8:00.  There was a beautiful sunrise when I got to the beach and it really put a smile on my face.  Running along the water was sunny with a nice cool breeze.  

I wore my Newtons with my new Hot pink lock laces, Hot pink Pro Compression socks, running capris, long sleeve shirt, Lulu Lemon reflective coat, gloves, and my head band. I was a little warm but glad I had the coat to block some of the wind coming off the water.

Sarah ran her first half marathon in 1:47.  The girl is crazy. Good job Sarah!  What an amazing accomplishment!  I ran 16.1 miles without falling over so I took that as my accomplishment for the day.  I also felt pretty good during the entire run.  With the exception of the top of every hill.  While I really did well on the hills and passed a lot of people, I felt like I might die at each peal while I tried to catch my breath and regain feeling in my legs.  I started the race too slow, at 9:40 minute miles, but ran the last 5 miles between 8:20 and 9:00 minute miles. I decided not too be too hard on myself because I was running 16 miles... not 13.1.

To feel good over the distance makes this wanna be marathoner very happy.
I decided to run in my D&Gs (obsessed with them) because it was so sunny. Time to invest in some running/athletic sunglasses.

Has anyone used these fuel belts before?  They just buckle around your waist and two little elastic snap things allows you to securely wear your number without putting safety pin holes all over your expensive running clothes.  $160 jacket doesn't need pin holes all over it so this made me happy.

I celebrated my new longest distance with some pasta, water, and chocolate chip cheesecake italian ice.  I don.t know if I was starving,or delusional, or anything would have tasted good at this point but this was so so amazing. 

Another medal for the wall and another long distance run out of the way.  

16 miles you are my bitch 

 I am so happy its all over by noon, but not so happy to spend the rest of my day and night working behind the bar.  Thankfully my knee icer came in so I can do a little icing before I head to work!  

What are your plans this weekend?
And what do you suggest for post long run recovery? 


  1. Nice job on your race!!

    Olive is too cute. We have a bright purple reflecty collar for her and if it's really dark I make her carry her pack because that's covered in reflective spots.

  2. Thanks! Smart thinking with the pack and reflective I should make Olive carry hers around to get used to it. When I put it on her she acts like shes in a straight jacket.


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