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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Want It" Wednesday

I love all of these little buttons 
that you grab off of your friends blogs and have fun with. 
One I can't wait to add on is "Friday Letters" 

I decided to make my own little fun Button called....
 photo wantitwednesday_zps5d609763.png

(Grab my button with this html:)

It is Wednesday,
 and I am in the office online shopping working so hard.  
I can't help but surf the web 
and find all of these steals and deals that I want so badly.  
Instead of emptying my bank account 
I will do some "window shopping"  
or maybe we can call it "blog buying". 

 Here are a list of some of the goodies
 I have had my eye on this week.  

Maybe I can splurge on one goodie a week?

Grab my button and join in the fun :)

1.   That is a travel mug! And I can't get over how darn cute it is!  Cannon film lens turned travel mug.  Every photographer needs this!   Just be careful not to dump coffee in your actual lens.   Find it here for 12 bucks!

2.  I am a new Lulu convert and I can't get enough.  This striped shirt matches my awesome lulu jacket and the best part?  Its reflective!  Perfect for those chilly early morning or late night runs when you need to be seen!  Find it here as a final sale for 64 buckaroos!

3.  I am obsessed with this necklace.  I love simple cute jewelry that I can wear and that will go with everything, I can leave it on all the time and I don't have to guard it with my life.  I lose everyone so cheap jewelry is a must for me.  Find it here for 49 dollas.  But be a doll and buy it through taking notes from coast to coast's trunk show!

4.  More Stella and Dot!  Those colors are so nautical and summery.  I want them all.  The simple bangles are as cheap at 19 each!  Find them here!

5.  Stride box!  A monthly subscription for runners- for $15 dollars a month, you get a different box every month full of apparel and accessories,  nutrition bars, energy gels and other edible products.  Great way to try some new products!  It is all focused around runners and recovery :) Sign up here for 15 dollars!

6.  While I really like that bikini.... I REALLY want that body.  I actually like the jewelry too but no one is wearing belly chains at the beach... lets be real.... A body like that can't be bought (well not in my price range)  so I guess I will just have to keep on running to get this one :) 

Which would you buy if you could only pick one?

Can't wait to see your Wednesday Wants :)

Happy Wishing, 

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  1. UPDATE: I have already purchased the Stridebox.... now I want everything else. Wah


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