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Friday, March 8, 2013

Man I feel like a ..... Man

After 3 days straight "in the field" for work,
 I am so happy to be sitting at my warm desk 
wearing some sweat pants.  
Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I had to trade my computer in 
for a pair of steel toe boots, hardhat, and a safety vest. 

My official title at work is an "Environmental Scientist".  
I do everything from collecting soil and ground water data, to writing reports.  Even the occasional babysitting for the boss.  This week I decided to be a stellar employee and help out in the drilling department.

  I had no idea what I was in for....
 and if I never do that again.. 
it is too soon. 

12 hour days working on the side of the highway at a rest stop as an assistant driller in 25 mph winds and 33 degree temperatures.  
I was in charge of carrying 94 lb bags of cement mix, 50 lb bags of sand, shoveling dirt, mixing cement, and doing what ever bottom of the barrel stuff that had to be done.  

Mixing cement was the worst part of the gig.  Those bags were extremely heavy and I was covered in the stuff head to toe.  My gender was unrecognizable by the end of the day 

 I got to learn how to drive the catepillar,
 got some sweet new work boots 
(they dont even carry them in womens sizes... so sexist), 
got a killer upper body workout in, 
 and helped out the company. 

My car was unregistered for most of the weeks so the cat was my ride for the week.  I was pretty into my new wheels..... 

We were working near a DMV so Thursday I was finally able to register my car!  New plates and $100 but at least I don't have to depend on everyone for rides like a middle schooler. 

Cons?  I was exhausted, dirty, over worked, under paid, and covered in concrete dust which completely dries out and kills your skin.  Because of the extreme physical demands I did not get to run all week and it is nearly impossible to lift my arms up.  

I need to get back to my normal schedule of healthy eating and running, and go spoil myself with a manicure or massage to try to feel like a woman again after a hellish week.  

How do I get back in the swing of things?  
New running clothes obviously!
I ordered all of these good off left lane sports (well except for the bikini- that was from Victoria's Secret). 

 Two running tanktops,
 a long sleeve running shirt, 
Pro Compresion socks (hot pink!), 
and a sexy bikini.  

Double whammy-
  tools to achieve the perfect body 
and a reward for when I get there.

  I even ordered the "cheeky" bottoms 
to get me on the squat/glute bandwagon.

I am falling in love with this brand RUN pretty far and TASC.  And who doesn't already love Pro Compression..... Can't wait to try out all of my new stuff.  

I love LOVE love the slogan on the back of the chevron tank ;)

What goes up must come down
What goes down must come up!
Hills Hills Hills!

What is your favorite glute workout?
How do you get back on track ?

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  1. wow it sounds like you definitely need a manicure and some relaxation! I get back on track by writing out a schedule of workouts or meal ideas :)


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