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Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Letters

After seeing a few blogs playing "Friday's Letters"  I decided it was about time I joined in the fun.  So here it goes!


Dear Friday,  I am so glad you are here, yet you are always so intimidating.  Friday means long run Saturday.  I have 15 miles on the agenda for this weekend but my legs are still pretty sore from HIIT.  Maybe I will save my 15 for Sunday.  Dear Connecticut, you were warm for a few days.. and now you are back to the 30's and windy.  Please stop teasing us and stay above 50.  And lets see some green. Dear New Bartending Job, Please be awesome.  I took you on so I can have some extra cash for spending, scuba diving, trips, clothes, and what ever else I want.  I hope you are profitable, fun, and don't keep me up too late.   Dear Olive, I did not take you for a run today.... or to the dog park.... so thank you so much for being so so so good despite all the built up energy I know you have.  I love you so much pup!  Dear House hunt, please be over soon because my lease is up in a month or so and I would prefer not to be homeless.  

Happy Friday Everyone!

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