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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Morning Runner

I am so thankful its almost Friday
and that I got my run in before work today ;)

A few weeks ago I committed to becoming a morning runner.  With the exception of last week... it has been going pretty well.  Pretty well thanks to a few ladies that wake up at the crack of dawn and run with me.

Like I said before, I created a facebook group called Morning Marathoners where we chat about our runs, share pictures, and goof off.  This is an example of our "night before our run planning and conversing". 

I got a few good chuckles in. 
 3 quirky girls who commit to run a few mornings.  
And then spend a majority of the day on GCHAT. 

Pre run breakfast, I had a banana peanut butter "sandwich"
 Got this idea from Maureen- thanks girl!  
Olive had her normal breakfast. 

Then it was the ten minute drive to Chester to meet Stacie and Tracy.  It was a little chilly this morning, in the 30/s with a dusting of snow on the ground.  Guess shorts weather isn't here just yet. 

Stacie and Tracy on our 3 mile run this morning.  
We all share a deep love for neon and bright colors.  
Especially Stacie.  

We ran by a beautiful lake in Chester and I managed to catch an awesome shot of the snow on the lake and the sky reflecting in the water. Sometimes Iphone pictures are so awesome. 

We made it back in 28:02 minutes.  Just enough time to drive home, hop in the shower and cook up some breakfast.  And make some more coffee of course.  Vanilla buttercream flavored ground coffee beans from the local coffee shop.  No sugar or cream needed.

While I jumped in the shower, Olive decided she wanted to go back to bed instead of go to work.  Such a tease.  I mean she does have it pretty rough.  She has to sleep and chew on bones while I work.  

Post Run Breakfast was two eggs
 and Olive had a peanut butter lobster cookie.  
Homemade :)

Then we were off to a long day at the office.  3 miles is just enough for Olive to sleep some of the day away.  And play with Maddie of course :)   For a two year old dog... or for any age... she is AMAZING with kids.  Maddie will bop her on the head, sit on her, grab her tail, put her hands in her mouth, and Olive takes it like a champ.

My boss' daughter has sufficiently prepared Olive for having kiddos around.  And I am so lucky my dog is such a saint <3 

Anyone else get to bring their dog to work?
I am so so lucky.


  1. perfect pre workout snack ;) and I love your run group! that's so cool!! I wish I had that!

  2. Bungee is JUST like that!! I love how tuckered out she is after a run. It's too cute. Bungee comes with me to work in that I work from home. When I go to New Haven for the occasional board meeting, though, she comes too.


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