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Monday, March 18, 2013

15 Mile Weekend

Hope everyone had an amazing Saint Paddy's Weekend full of friends, family, food, green, beer, and maybe even green beer.  Mine did not have any of those things but I'm not complaining.

Well I did enjoy 1 beer over the weekend.  
Half Angry Orchard and half Guinness.  

 I have a really hard time making good food choices in large social settings, so I chose to avoid them for the weekend.  (I also avoid Superbowl Sunday like the plague).   Instead of over indulging in booze and treats, I worked at the bar all weekend and put in a 15 mile run. 
 Money in the bank, and started my Sunday -1900 calories.  
Go me!

The new gig at the bar has been pretty awesome so far.  My manager/boss is great, the food seems to be pretty good, and the customers are awesome.  Its a middle class casual american bar.... with cheaply priced drinks, and customers who want to sit at the bar and enjoy dinner over a few Bud Lights.   There are about 10 beers on tap and lots of food on the menu that looks pretty delicious.  I worked at the bar Friday and Saturday night and made some good $$$.

Saturday I woke up early and decided to spend some time with Olive before I left her for the day to go back to work at the bar.  
We walked 2 miles to downtown and back for coffee and breakfast.  

I got my two favorite weekend treats:  
Geneva Chocolate Coffee and Chocolate Covered Mini roons-  

and I threw in a multigrain bagel with lite cream cheese.

 .... carbo loading for Sunday of course.  
I have a really hard time sitting still.  
So I decided to start packing up the house before work, and even did a little bit of decorating and shopping.  
Busy girl over here.  

And look!  Something I pinned AND actually made (last year)! 
 Easter garland using glue, string, and water balloons. 

I still find enough time to spend some money here and there and everywhere.
  Flats for $19.99 and cute little no show lace socks (that showed).

Then it was time for some snuggling with the pets- they are super snuggly on the weekends. 

Sunday I woke up early, had a banana and peanut butter and set off for my 15 mile run.  I was really intimidated by the distance at first as this was my new longest run.  It was proving to be a big mental road block at first.  I decided to split it into three 5 mile runs... doesn't that sound so much more reasonable?  Of course I dressed Olive up in a green bow- she seemed embarrassed. 

I ran 5 miles to the Department of Environmental Protection in Old Lyme, mainly because 4 miles in I had to pee really bad and I knew they had port o potties (and a pretty view). 
 Damn coffee.

I turned around after 5 and a quick pit stop and ran back to my house in Essex. I am sure Olive could have handled the full 15 but I didn't bring her on any runs over 8 and I didn't want to push her.   I dropped Olive off, had a Cliff Shot Turbo (with lots of water this time)  gave Olive a few peanut butter lobster cookies, filled up her water bowl, and headed out for my last 5 mile run.  The turbo shot was pretty gross but paired with lots of water it gave me a little boost for the last 5 miles.  

Overall the run felt really good- just in time.  
 My feet were a little achey from working at the bar all weekend, but my muscles felt good.  The route had a bunch of rolling hills but nothing too steep or challenging (unlike the 14 miles from hell/Chester).

No tummy troubles, and overall no pain.
 I'm back! 
My only problem is making a playlist long enough for 15 mile + runs.  Thanks to Spotify and a slow day at work I can tackle that this week.

How was everyone's weekend?
Let me live vicariously through your weekend....


  1. I am impressed girlie! That is some mileage! I unfortunately totally put myself in large social settings and made baad food choices. But, it was a fun weekend, and today's a new day, right ;) Your running is inspiring though :)

  2. Today is a new day! I like that :) And thanks! I still can't believe I ran 15 miles.... and that im barely over half way to 26. Yikes


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