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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Awkward Late Girl to HIIT

Everyone has experienced this... (I hope)
Running a few minutes late to your class at the gym.   So you show up five minutes after it starts and while everyone is sweating and moaning you have to awkwardly set up your step, weights, and mat.

 IN THE FRONT of the class. 

This happened to me on my Monday night HIIT class. (30 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training).  Welll... more like 25 minutes that day.  

It got worst .... you don't set up your bench correctly so the instructor stops the class to fix your step so you don't die while suffering through box jump burpees.

 So awkward, so embarrassing, and so rude.  I felt awful. The instructor was really nice about it and being in the front row wasn't as miserable as I expected.  The class had a different instructor than Wednesday so I really enjoyed the different workout.  Of course it was insanely hard and of course my legs still felt like bricks from Saturdays 16 miler.

Some of the new workouts

Box Jump Burpees

Bench Corner Reaches
one leg on the corner of the bench, jumping up and reaching up with a weight, coming back down into a squat

Bench Jump Squats 

Some of the oldies

Push ups

Bench Mountain Climbers

Weighted Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

Bench Squats

Weighted lunges

Despite being really awkward, I got a great workout in in 30 minutes.  I learned some new moves and 2 days later I still feel the burn.

It hurts so good.  

Please trick your body and go find a HIIT class!  It is perfect for switching up my running routine and getting a full body workout in.  My muscles do not know what to expect and I am far more sore from this 30 minute class than my 2+ hours of running. 

I have always heard that the repetition of the same type of workout will cause your body to "get used" to the exercise routine and your body will consume less energy.  Changing up your workout routine will force your body to be challenged and hopefully provide me with the change I am trying to achieve.  

Tuesday morning I met my running group for a run at a new spot near Tracey's house in East Hampton.  The three very hilly miles was another attempt to trick my body and get a good hill workout in.  Tuesday afternoon I met to hike a few miles to tire out my crazy dog.  Who ended up being a filthy crazy dog.  

Wednesday morning Olive and I went on a 2 mile walk to loosen things up after all of the riding, running, hiking, and HIITing.  

Today is a rest day for sure.   

Hopefully I have tricked my body into burning more calories. 
 Just in time for my trip to Bonaire in 24 days.  
Details to follow :)  

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