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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Want it Wednesday


Happy Hump Day!
I am so so glad it is Wednesday. 
 With the new job I have been so exhausted and feeling really run down.
I took off Monday and Tuesday from running to work at the bar, ride the horses, and give my legs a break after my 15.  I am going to put 3-5 miles in for my lunch break and include an ab/glute workout.   
Until then... I shall do some window shopping.
I want it all and I can afford nada.

 photo wantitwednesday_zps5d609763.png

Teal Shift Dress  A Cut Above Boutique found on PBFingers.  I love the color and the style of this dress.  However, it is the kind of dress that looks best on the 5'11 110lb crowd.  I love the color but I am afraid it might look like a sack on me.  

Purple Bauble Necklace A Cut Above Boutique A Cut Above Boutique found on PBFingers.  I love the color and the length it hangs.  Would be perfect for simple tops and dresses that need a little pop of color.  

Chevron Blue and White Bic Band  I have a Sweaty Band (same concept different brand) and I love it.  Keeps my hair in place, especially all of those little fly aways, during a workout.  They are only $12 but all of these little purchases of mine are adding up quick!

Go Pro Hero3-  I want this awesome camera/recorder to stick on my helmet for horseback riding, skiing, and scuba diving.  Hey, might even be fun to strap it on for a race!  Why not?

Mizuno Wave Rider  I love my Newtons... don't get me wrong.  But it would be nice to have a shoe to switch up for different types of running.  I use my merril sneakers for trail running but would love anther sneaker for road running.  

Gerard Butler.  How is it possible that one man can be so so beautiful.  I mean look at those eyes.... and that dark hair... and that perfect amount of scruff.  And that accent on PS I Love You, and that 6 pack on 300.
A Girl Can Dream.  


  1. Be careful with Mizunos. The wave plate isn't for everyone. I tried them and they completely screwed up my achilles. It was awful. I've heard similar stories from a lot of other people, too.

  2. I have only heard good things about the Mizunos- great to hear a different view thanks- I will keep researching!

  3. i wore mizuno wave riders for my first full. NOT a good fit for my feet. I like brooks glycerines... but try em out! before you buy them..... :)


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