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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TheraPearl Hot/Cold Packs On Sale and Hydrating

I used to say running was a cheap hobby.  
It is if you run casually.... a few times a week a few miles here and there.  But once you start hitting the double digits..... this hobby gets pretty expensive.  I mean -I don't need all of the things I buy, but some of it really makes 15 mile runs much more pleasant.  

I was super excited when I saw this deal on Woot today. is one of those "daily deals" sites with sub categories like:  Sports, Tech, Home, Shirts, Wine.  I frequent the wine section but decided to check out the  Sports tab today.

TheraPearl Hot/Cold Packs

Buy this sweet deal here

If I was a super popular awesome blogger I would have some sweet coupon code to give you.  
But I am not and I don't.  
And they are already half off so go buy them.  
Don't wait too long... the deal only lasts until the 21st!

Do I really need to spend $16 on ice packs?  No but they are half off,  and I am sick of thawing out all of my veggies or waking up in a pool full of water because my ice pack leaked.  And how convenient are the straps!  Because I don't make six figures, I am just going to buy the shins packs.  Comes in a pack of two and I can use them for my knees as well if I need to.  
See... it's all about compromise.  

While we are talking about spending money.... This is my next investment.  I need to have water available for these long runs.  I was going to say especially now that the weather is warming up, but if you live in Connecticut you woke up to snow this morning so that's a lie.  
It will be a great investment when it finally does warm up though.

I went to the local running store SoundRunner looking for one but they did not carry any.  
Guess I will have to order it online.  

The backup plan is to make Olive carry around our water and snacks... 
but it seems a little mean.   

I bought her this harness/saddle bag for some of our hiking trips.  
Maybe in the summer ill make her carry her own supplies.

Any recommendations on brands/sizes?
Or any tips for what to fill it with?  

I already have a few good tips from Running Master Jill.  
Jill is a writer/editor and has run countless marathons, half marathons, and everything else in between.  She has great tips and advice and is a great inspiration to us wanna be marathoners. 
Oh and  she's kind of famous.

I am going to have to beg her to do a guest post and share all of her secrets. 
I know you are reading this- 
Say yes  

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  1. I just bought the $2 reusable ice packs from walmart. They work great!

    I definitely have a hydration vest, though. They are key for summer long runs. Bungee has a hydration vest from Ruffwear, too!


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