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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dinner salad

If I am going to eat a salad for dinner it has to be huge. 
Like platter turned dinner plate huge.
And with lots of stuff on it.

After I got home from HIIT Wednesday night, I was ravenous.
Ravenous- but I still wanted to stay healthy after that workout.
So I decided tonight was the night for a dinner salad.
And some dessert.

My technique?  
Just start throwing left overs from your fridge 
onto a plate of spinach.  Great way to use the leftovers and create a low maintenance meal.  

Before you say OMG thats a gigantic ham steak for one salad
Please note I made enough for 3 salads.  
Dinner for two and leftovers for lunch.

Start off with a big ol smoked ham steak from the butcher.  
Nom Nom Nom.

Toss them in a pan and let them crisp up in a teeny bit of Olive Oil, S&P. 

Start pulling out other random ingredients.  
Mushrooms and onions sliced and sauteed.  

I threw the ham onion and mushroom concoction on my spinach
 (base of my salad)
 to cool down and wilt the spinach a tad while I prepped the rest of my feast

I snacked on some pickles while I cooked so 
a)  I didnt eat my dinner in the process of making it 
(im such a picker)and 
b) they are so so delicious.

 Unless they are the sweet kind. 
 I get insulted when I bite into a pickle
 and its one of those bread and butter pickles.  

I threw some cauliflower on my salad
because it was in the fridge as leftovers and I wanted to use it up. 

Next I grabbed my left over raviolis 
(2 for each salad... im not that much of a fatty)
 I toasted them up in a pan to give a little big of crunch on my salad. 

I added some quinoa I had kicking around in the fridge 
(I make batches of it and throw it into everything!).
For a dressing I combined balsamic vinegar 
and olive oil with an italian dressing seasoning packet-

It was a yummy dinner salad, about the size of the head (that plate is huge- don't be fooled).  It was super filling, pretty healthy, and satisfying.  
But of course I saved room for dessert.  

A healthy apple crisp.
Basically a baked apple with oats on top. 
 I cut up an apple, and threw a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon on the apples and tossed them in an oven safe dish.  

For the Crisp I combined oats, a little bit of flour, and lots of cinnamon.  
Thats how I bake.. no real measuring. 
Just a little O' this and a little O' that.
Bake it at 400 until the top starts to get golden brown. 
Maybe even toss them under the broiler.  

And top it with a huge dollop of cool whip
 (the lite version of course)
So you can add twice as much.

Going to try to eat a dinner salad at least once a week, and keep trying out crazy combinations. Like salad and ravioli.  
It paid off this time.

What is your favorite dinner salad?

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  1. i love crazy, big salad combos! lately i've been loving a bed of baby spinach topped with steamed veggies, egg whites, buffalo chicken, and cheddar cheese. yum!


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