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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fishy 5k Wednesday

Almost Friday....

While we wait for the best day of the week, I thought I would fill you in on my pretty fantastic Wednesday.

First off, I finally solved the no microwave-how-do-I-eat-soup dilemma.  
The mini crockpot.  
Plug it in and in an hour I have hot soup for lunch.  
I plugged it in at 11:30, and at noon went out for my run. 
Motivation to run faster was there knowing 
I had yummy hot soup waiting for me back at the office.

The roads were completely un-plowed and running in the snow kind of felt like beach running.  Fun and different, but a different type of running workout that definitely slowed me down.

Its pretty funny all the weird things you see when you are running.  Lots of nips and plastic liquor bottles, banana peels, road kill, but today, I saw something very new and very different.

A (big) dead fish sitting in the middle of the snowy road.  
I scratched my head for a second and decided  there is a pond and the beach near by
--a hawk must have dropped it en route.  
Either that or I am losing my mind. 

After my run, I sat down at my desk with my baby crock of hot soup. 
 Lunch was leftover white bean sausage soup with spinach beets and carrots, with a half of a bagel thin.

Hit the spot after a cold fishy run in the 20s.

Olive got a lunch time treat of her super stinky lamb treats.  
Everyone was happy. 

After work, Stacie and I had a  quick dinner and theater date.  
Before the play, I whipped up a dinner I have been dying to make for a while.  I keep hearing about how great the Cheesecake Factory Thai lettuce wraps are.  I figured this would be a great healthy meal and would work really well for lunches the following day.  I found a copycat recipe online and will share the details in a later post.

Boston bib lettuce
Rice noodles cooked in cconut milk and red cury
Sprouts cooked in soy sauce
Chicken marinated in a ginger/lime/soy sauce

and premade peanut sauce

It was also easy and delicious today for lunch!!
Cold, packed easily, and nothing needed to be reheated.
I will be making this one all the time. 

After dinner we headed to Hartford. 
 I was super excited when Stacie invited me to go see a play with her in some amazing seats front and center.  We were going to see War Horse with the really cool horse puppets at the Bushnell Theatre in Hartford.  

The play was  really really great, but pretty dark and dramatic.  
I love me a feel good comedy sing a long 
but it was nice to experience something different, and with horses. 


Only downfall of going to the play was leaving Olive alone for 5 hours resulting and coming home to four less muffins than when I left.....
She was nice enough to save me one for today's snack....

Time to finish off the work day and then a 6 o clock Hot Yoga session.
Could use a good sweat with this nasty cold weather. 
The best part?  It is a free class tonight because the Yoga teacher trainees are teaching their first class!  Double win. 

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  1. I can't wait to try that lettuce wrap recipe! I love the ones at P.F. Changs but can only imagine how sodium loaded they are - this will be an awesome alternative!


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