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Monday, January 13, 2014

Another weekend recap

This weekend was a good one.  
Per usual, I jam packed 1000 activities into the weekend.  
A lot of people tell me I am the busiest person I know, and are usually amazed by my productive weekends.  A lot of the times I have to agree.  
Mother nature cooperated and gave us some temperatures above freezing, 
and lots of rain.  

Friday night after work, I had my long run of 8 miles on tap.  In my efforts to become a safer runner, I decided to hit the track for my long run instead of the original plan of a 8 mile loop.  Snow on the ground in the morning had left the roads salty and sandy.  A light rain fell through the afternoon and temperatures started to drop.   I decided track would be best for both Olive (salt in her paws) and I (not getting run over).   Sure running 32 laps around the track is REALLY boring, but it gave me a chance to work on my running form and let Olive have some off leash time.  I just need to make sure I get in a hill workout this week.  I ran it faster than my watch says (forgot to stop my watch when I stopped to chat with my former track coach).  The run felt great and I am excited (sort of kind of....) to get back into some longer runs.  Well I am excited to get back into longer runs and not feel like I am dying.

After the run (well during the entire run)  I had a SERIOUS craving for Chinese food.  I hadn't had it in forever, and just put in a good workout, so I went for it.  Chicken and snap peas with fried rice and lo mein.  No regrets here.    

Olive and I spent some quality time on the couch after, for a low key Friday night.  I really enjoy my long runs on a friday night instead of the weekend.  Long run on a friday lets me wind down after a crazy week, and leave my weekend for more fun things that don't involve running.   

Saturday morning I woke up at 7 to gobble down this delicious ZING bar (thank you Stridebox!)  before heading to an 8 am Body Flow class (pilattes, tai chi, and yoga).  After Body Flow I stayed put for the 9 am Body Pump ( 2 for 1 baby) where the birthday girl (my mother)  joined me for a sweat and weight sesh.  After the gym we grabbed the dogs and put in a 2.5 mile walk at an attempt to tire out Olive before heading to Oliver's first birthday party.  

Great food, good company, presents, 
and a cute 1 year old smashing cupcake in his face. 
 Successful party.

Sunday I slept until 9 and met my mother (again)  for a 10am hot power yoga class at this gym.  Hot yoga is such a great way to start the day and she really enjoyed the class. I think she will be hooked too. 

After yoga I took the three dogs on a long hike up in Hartman Park.  We did a 3 mile 2 hour loop and all doggies were AWESOME.  No one took off, no one ate death, and no one puked.  Huge win. 

Sunday night I spent a million dollars on groceries, did a bunch of meal prep, and snuggled with the animals while watching season 1 of breaking bad.   Decided I would see what all the talk is about.  So far not so impressed.  

Looking back I had a really great weekend, spent with family and my fur kids.  I was a little bummed going into the weekend, knowing Thatcher was in Utah,  but this fortune Friday night summed it up pretty well.

I am fortunate for my health, my friends, my family, and for this life.  I could have sat around moping but instead I kept busy and realized how fortunate I really am for all of the things I have.  

Will be back shortly to share a new salad and dressing with you.
yumm yummm good.  

Happy Monday friends! 
Hope you had a great weekend as well. 

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